Summary: Step by Step through Revelation Chapter 7

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Vs 1-2 the winds of judgment are n the hands of God and His angels, not in the hands of evil. This is a most wonderful truth, and is exactly what is being declared here

4 angles stand at the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of judgment so that they cannot blow upon the earth

The four corners of the earth are the 4 main points of the compass –

North South East West

7:2-3, God will give the most wonderful command.

The command will be delay the judgments of judgments of the great tribulation until all the servants of God can be sealed.

The seal means the mark of possession, authority, power, and protection

In ancient times a king’s ring was his seal. He would stamp the mark of his ring upon all official documents showing their possession, authority, and power. This. Is certainly part of the meaning here. The 144,000 will be sealed-protected and preserved-by God


=> In the New Testament the believer is sealed with the Spirit of God; that is, the Holy Spirit seals and guarantees that the believer belongs to God. The presence of the Holy Spirit living within the heart and life of the believer is his seal and his guarantee that he will escape the judgment of God and live eternally with God.


~ The demonic forces that are to be unleashed upon earth will not touch God’s people.

Rev.9: 4

~ The bowl judgment of sores will not touch God’s people. Judgment is poured out only upon those who have the mark of the beast.

Rev.16: 2

This should not seem strange to us, that God will judge the unbelievers who follow the antichrist and not judge believers,

God does not condemn His people; He condemns and judges unbelievers. And the judgments of the great Tribulation are to be upon and evil world.

A good example is Moses and the plagues of Israel. Remember the event: the ten plagues, as. Terrible and divesting as they were, fell upon all the Egyptians; but they did not afflict the believers among Israel.

The True believers were sealed from the plagues

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