Summary: This is a message to encourage and challenge women to move out of the shadow and be transformed into the glory of the LorD.

Pastor Victoria Oladipupo

Freedom of Christ Church


TEXT: GAL. 3: 26 - 29

I give God the glory for this privilege He gave me to be his vessel to minister this word. The topic of this message is “stepping out of the shadows into the Light. This is a message to encourage and challenge women to move out of the shadow and be transformed into the glory of the Lord.

In the olden days we discovered that women had very little or no power. In the last century, women are illegal to vote, women cannot lead because they are women and their position should be at home to be a housewife or a child bearer. But to God be the glory for given us His only begotten son. When Jesus came, all races, sexes and classes become one and we now have the same privilege in Christ and that is why we now have women in ministry nowadays.

But even though time has changed, Satan still lied to some women and Satan still continue to convinced them that they are restricted in achieving some things in life because of their race. Devil use some people around them to manipulate and intimidate them because they are women they are limited, they are second-class citizen so their success in life is not important so there is no need for them to pursue any goal or career in life. A lot are still under the satanic yoke of limitation and I decree that the anointing will destroy the yoke in the name of Jesus.

I would like to emphasis to you that God has a plan for you and me as a woman, not to be a servant, jobless, tail or beneath. He did not created us to be housewife but created us and blessed us and God said unto us, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth. Thank you Lord!

Some women achieve nothing in life until they die; there is nothing to retire on, nothing to leave as inheritance for their children because they are women. Let me quote Psalm 102: 13 for you and challenge you that the appointed time has come for us as women to step out of the shadow of life into the spotlight. We have to remove the embargo laid on us by standing and rising up because our light has come.

Thank God those women are breaking barrier now.

- Women serve as mayors of more than 80 cities in United States.

- We had woman prime minister in United Kingdom.

- Over 3 million businesses are owned and operated by women

- We have women lawyers, accountants and women leaders in ministries.

Terribly, a lot of women suffer in silence because they are wrapped up acting. They are wrapped up in what people want them to be. They act because parent or husbands want them to pursue one career or the other. These women are being detached from who God created them to be. Ladies, you have to be what God created you for. The scripture said “…in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them(Gen. 1: 17) So we are priceless to God and God send me to you today to challenge you that IT IS TIME TO BECOME WHO GOD SAID YOU SHOULD BE – A God’s leading lady.

God have a great plan for your life. Aren’t you tired and sick of living a life someone want you to live, career someone want you to pursue and do what the Lord said you should do! It is time to become that God said you would be. He planted a great seed in you. It is time to step out of shadow of your life into the spotlight. Discover who you are and It is time become a Proverb 31 woman.

That time is now. It is time to stop making excuses and magnify what the Lord has planted in you. People have different excuses like; it’s too late, I’m too old, too uneducated, too poor, I am single, widow etc. To me all these do not have anything to do with you becoming who God said you will be. It makes no different. Do you believe that you do not need a man to succeed; if a man brings you up he might bring you down. If you have a supportive man in your life, then he is a God’s gift and appreciates his support. All you need behind you is God and He will lead you.

One big excuse women always give is PAST. We mustn’t look behind us if we want to move ahead into the future possibilities. Remember Lot’s wife. We all have those things that we just can’t leave behind us; past lovers, abusive husbands and bad memories. They don’t have any place in your present and future so we have to let go of them and leave them in the past if we don’t want to be pillar of salt. There is something better in the future if we can face it. You just have to keep your eyes on the road in front of you and trust in the Lord who said I am always with you even to the end of the age.

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Barbara Harris

commented on Oct 26, 2006

great message.

Margaret Martin

commented on Oct 9, 2007

This message helps to see how God's purpose is not just for men, but for women also. Therefore, as women we have the God given right to think, be, do and become women inspired by the same God as men.

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