Summary: What does it really take to move from the comfort zone to the faith zone?

Moses’ life is full of revelations of how he learned to walk with God. Moses up there on Mt. Pisgah, with his sore feet and aching back serves as a good example of the fact that God had not only brought him a long way, but God brought Moses all the way! And though, Moses still had work to do with Jesus on the Mt of Transfiguration and as a witness in the book of Revelation, God was about to write the finishing chapter on Moses’s work with the children of Israel. If one could but ‘look back” and see where the Lord has brought them from, and brought them thru, one might be tempted to say that it seems like when God puts his finger on people, their troubles have just begun! Born in a time when his very life had to be protected from annihilation, hidden in basket only to be found by the very family that threatened his existence, raised like royalty only to be hunted like a murderer; humbled but not humiliated in his self-imposed exile in the wilderness of preparation as a shepherd for God’s purposes; and then broken only to be blessed. Moses is an imposing figure of what faith can do in the life of a believer Though he was there to ‘view’ the Promised Land…look at all that he had faithfully endured to get there. All too often, there are those who want the rewards without the responsibility of working of them. But God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. What did Moses have to overcome to get there? What do you and I have to overcome to “get there” …to that place of God’s purpose?

I. Moses had to overcome the experiences of his Past!

a. Born in uncertainty

b. Raised in the “safety zone” of Egypt

c. Lived in Comfort for first 40 years of his life

d. Tried to help his people in his own strength, and commited Murder

e. He learned the harsh lesson of knowing there are places where God’s folks cannot stay!

II. Moses had to overcome His Safety Zone of the Present

a. Exiled in the wilderness he became satisfied with his lifestyle

b. He was successful right there with Jethro and his family

c. It wasn’t a palace, but it was a home.

d. His encounter with the burning bush called him to God’s purposes.

III. Moses had to overcome all the insecurities and fears of His future

a. He had to go back to accomplish God’s purposes for him

b. He had to face the very enemies that sought his demise.

c. He raised objections, but God answered all his objections (Ex. 4:13)

John Maxwell suggests that Moses was moved into 3 distinct arenas of life. In the palace he was in the land of “not enough”. In the wilderness he was in the land of “just enough”, but as he viewed the Promised Land..he knew that God had promised that it was the land of “more than enough”. Are you willing to step out on faith? Moses had to leave each of his “comfort zones”. Would you be willing to leave yours, for God’s purposes and His glory? Only God can allow us to take risk, without ruin. Don’t live your life, and end up with regrets about what you did not do. You could very well end up with more disappointments about the risks you didn’t take, than by the ones you did. Try walking in the faith zone!

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