Summary: A brief outline on Stewardship

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1 Corinthians 4:2

Intro: When the builders of a proposed bridge across the Niagara Falls began construction many years ago, the first matter at hand was how to span the river w/ the suspension cables. Launching a simple kite, the builders were able to get a thin string across. Using the string, they drew a rope across, which was followed by a larger rope, then a small cable, and finally a cable heavy enough to use as support in building the bridge. When it was completed, the huge structure, that could support a train, showed no signs of having once been launched by a simple kite!

Trans: This story reminds us that to do a great work you must begin small and keep it simple. This is one of life¡¦s foundational truths. We don¡¦t have to make life complex. The same is true w/ stewardship. We don¡¦t have to make it burdensome ¡V God intends it to be rewarding, fulfilling and exhilarating.


-Stewardship is not about your money, it is about your life.

Note: Stewardship is about how we manage our time, talents, etc. It is about giving to God the best of who we are and what we have received.

Verse: Where your heart is there your treasure will be. Mt. 6:21

-Stewardship is about who is in charge of your life.

Verse: You shall have no other gods before Me. Ex. 20:2

Note: To address the issue of who is in charge, God requires His people to give the tithe. The Tithe simply reveals who is on the throne.

Quote: We show God that He is first in our lives when we give Him the best of who we are and what we have possessed.

A. It is management (Matt. 25:14—30).

B. It is a lifestyle (Matt. 6:25—33).

C. It is a commitment to the Person of Jesus Christ

D. It involves carefully using everything we’ve been entrusted with!

God Owns Everything

Idea: We often speak of our possessions, but according to the Bible, God owns it all and we own nothing ¡V we are stewards of everything God entrusts to us.

Verse: The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Ps. 24:1

Truth: We are stewards and not owners ¡V thus giving is nothing more than managing His assets and resources.

1 It all belongs to God.

2 God gives His property to us for our enjoyment & investment.

3 To keep perspective, God asks that we give Him the first 10%.

4 Those who live by the ownership principle, God blesses.

5 Those who steal from God, God disciplines.



1. Time has value

2. Time is limits (24 hours per day for maybe 70+ years)

3. Time holds accountability (Rom. 2:6).

24 Hrs a day

7 days a week = 168 hrs week

52 Weeks a year = 8736 hrs

over 16 hrs a week needs to be devoted to God

In 2007 the average adult will spend 65 days in front of the TV; 41 days listening to the radio; a little over a week on the Internet; a week reading a daily newspaper; and another week listening to recorded music.

30 hrs a week watching TV

40 hrs at work

56 hrs sleeping

3 hrs on the Intrnet

2 hrs reading a newspaper

2 hrs listening to music

133 hrs but you still have over 30+


1. Talents and gifts are distributed by God (1 Cor 12:11)

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