Summary: Many times in the scriptures we are warned of the danger of becoming satisfied, and stagnate The preventative that God gives us is to keep ourselves stirred up.

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Thank God, There is still by the sheep a house of mercy, and grace and a pool that supplies every need,

Grace: Receiving what I don’t deserve Mercy: Not receiving what I do deserve

There was a multitude of impotent folk:= feeble sick diseased, without strength,

Blind halt withered.

(My friend it’s no different today, even in our own churches today across the land there are a multitude of impotent folk, = weak, sickly, diseased, powerless.

Some are sick physically, some spiritually, some emotionally, some have sickness or weakness in their marriage, some are weak and feeble in their finances, some live on an emotional roller coaster, some are sick with fear and worry and anxieties.

And most of them have the hope that one of these days somehow someway, God is going to move and it will all turn around miraculously.

Waiting for the moving of the water*

Multitudes are waiting, waiting for the next great revival, The next great move of God.

Waiting for God to do something,

But the fact is: Sometimes you have to stir the water for yourself,

While we’re waiting on the water to stir, God is waiting on us to stir the water.

2 Tim 1:6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

Sometimes you have to stir it up, get it moving, agitate things a little bit, (stir up the anointing, stir up faith). (We need some good Holy Ghost agitators)

Many times when the fire is about to go out, you can stir it up and find some hot coals or embers underneath the ashes, when the air comes across those embers they come alive again.

*What we need is a fresh wind from heaven ( The wind of the Holy ghost to blow over our souls again). ( The wind and the fire always go together).

Acts 2:1-3 First the wind filled the house, then the cloven tongues of fire, then they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.

Mk 4 The disciples were sailing with Jesus (He was in the hinder part of the ship fast asleep).

Sometimes in our very busy lives, we lose sight of the most important thing in life and our priorities get all messed up and Jesus ends up in the hinder part of the boat, last in line.

And in a very real sense as far as his presence and relationship is concerned (he is fast asleep).

It’s time to wake him up, stir him up, stir up the anointing

Stir= agitate, disturb, disrupt move, shift

Zephaniah 1:12 And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The LORD will not do good, neither will he do evil.

Men settled on their lees" #Zep 1:12 are men "hardened or crusted." The image is derived from the crust formed at the bottom of wines long left undisturbed

I’m hoping today to get you stirring

Now it’s not enough just to stir it up, sometimes you need to shake it loose.

Somebody here today, A good stirring might be all you need, for the fire to take hold, (but somebody else, you need more than just a stirring you need a good shaking).

Judges 16:20

I will go out as at other times before and shake myself

According to this scripture Samson did something to activate the power of God on his life, (he shook himself).

We’re waiting on the moving of the water, for the Holy Ghost to get ahold of us and shake us, but sometimes we just need to shake ourselves.

Shake off the indifference, “ the pride, the selfishness, the worldliness, the fear, the doubt and discouragement, shake off the self righteousness and hypocrisy, shake off that lying spirit, that bitterness, unforgiveness, shake off that dead religious formalism.

(Just shake yourself man)

Acts 28: A poisonous viper fastened on Paul’s hand, (He didn’t sit down and say well the Lord knows what I need, I’ll just wait on the Spirit to move and deliver me from this poisonous beast).

No he shook the beast off into the fire (He = Paul shook, Him = the beast loose)

Some of you today need to get to shaking: The old devil is trying to get ahold on you, a spirit of luke warmness and indifference is trying to fasten itself to you, You need to shake it loose. Shake that spirit of addiction loose, shake that nicotine loose, shake that alcohol loose, shake that spirit of unforgiveness loose, shake that spirit of anger loose, shake that hopelessness and depression loose,

Somebody needs to shake off the spirit of poverty, the spirit of fear and unbelief, worry and anxiety.

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