Summary: David chose five stones before he faced Goliath. These five sermons will illustrates the five "stones" we can use to defeat giants in our lives.

(Five Stones that Kill any Giants!)

1 Samuel 17:1-58

Here are some truths we have learned so far.

God is in the miracle business.

God wants us to get out of our comfort zones and step out in faith.

When we do, mountains will arise to bring discouragement and despair.

We know how to move mountains but we seem to face giants that sort of keep us corralled around those mountains. Mountains are the obstacles we face along our journey and the giants are the circumstances that raise those mountains before us. For a few weeks we will study the giant killer David, and learn how he was able to defeat any sized opponent he faced. In 1 Samuel 17: 40, David picked up 5 stones. We will let these stones represent the steps we must take to defeat our giants as well.

Stone Number One: Action: Responding to the Challenge

When ordinary people in an ordinary situation see an extraordinary opportunity to do an extraordinary thing. (17-19)

I. Seeing the Need.

A. What is the real need in any circumstance?

B. We are to use spiritual eyes as we perceive spiritual needs.

C. If despair comes from circumstances then relief comes from seeing that circumstance for what it is.

II. Seeing the Solution.

A. Once we see the situation for what it is the solution is simple.

B. The solution is simple to identify but may be difficult to deal with.

C. Failure comes when we see the situation from the wrong perspective, which means we expend energy doing the wrong thing.

III. Seeking the Source. (20)

A. Who is going to give us the resources we need to kill the giant?

B. Then why would we make attempts outside of God’s will?

C. The response of the army was to ignore the true problem and concentrate on there own resources.

Our solution:

1. Identify the true source that gives the giant strength.

2. Understand the way to deal with the source.

3. Rely upon God to provide resources to overcome.

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