Summary: Griping and complaining are contrary to the Spirit of God.

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Stop Grumbling!

October 4, 2009 Evening Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: Griping and complaining are contrary to the Spirit of God.

Focus Passage: Philippians 2:13-16

Supplemental Passage: Number 11:1-10


I. Complaining is displeasing to the heart of God

a. What makes complaining a so Displeasing to the Lord? : It is a statement of discontent about my life- When I complain I am drawing a circle around my life. And, when I take a look inside my circle what do I say? This is not good enough. The people of Israel were saying Our God is not big enough, He is not caring enough. But, what do we do when bad circumstances do come our way?

b. I must resist the temptation to look for the negatives in my life. A chronic complainer seems to just seek to find the negative in everything

c. We must learn that when we complain it is not is it a sin that is displeasing to God, but much more is at stake; when I complain I Stain the image of God

II. Complaining is destructive to the image of God

a. People who do not know God evaluate Him according to how we talk about Him. If all we do is complain, then we are saying our God isn’t good enough; our God isn’t big enough; our God isn’t strong enough to meet our needs.

b. Complaining is Spiritual misdirection (Philippian Jailor with Paul and Silas)

c. I must learn to stay positive even in difficult situations. In order to make more positive comments I must look for the positives. Where will I find them? Hold fast to the Word.

III. Complaining is Discouraging to the Servants of God

a. Moses was ready to give up (Numbers 11:11-15)

b. Complaining is a sign of spiritual decline

• Cure for Complaining

Readjust your Focus

1. Stop looking for the negative

2. Start looking for the Positive

3.Focus on reporting the Positives

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