Summary: Introduction- Being in the will of God doesn’t always mean smooth sailing.

Introduction- Being in the will of God doesn’t always mean smooth sailing. In case you don’t believe that just ask the apostle Paul. Just what is the relation between the will of God and the storms of life? Are they related? Is it mandatory that storms come to us if we are to know God’s will?

I. They Had Attracted a Storm-(14)

a. Euroclydon was a raging East wind. Some believe it was a typhoon.

b. This wind the sailors called Euroclydon, a north-east wind, which upon those seas perhaps was observed to be in a particular manner troublesome and dangerous. It was a sort of whirlwind, for the ship is said to be caught by it, v. 15. It was God that commanded this wind to rise, designing to bring glory to himself, and reputation to Paul, out of it; stormy winds being brought out of his treasuries (Ps. 135:7), they fulfil his word, Ps. 148:8.

c. Does it ever seem that trying to do the will of God attracts difficulties?

d. We want Jesus to rise and still the storms when sometimes He is the one who summons them.

II. They Anchored While the Storm Raged-(29)

a. This cannot be done unless you are in the will of God.

b. Storms cause those out of His will to become restless. Just look at Jonah.

c. If you are settled in the will of God when the storms come, you can anchor there.

III. They Adhered Themselves to the Sea-(40)

a. Adhere means also to devote yourself to something. Somehow they raised enough confidence to set sail again.

b. Why not commit yourself to do the will of God no matter what.

c. In the time of greatest tribulation there can be found the greatest determination.

d. How many have given up when it was the perfect time to just surrender completely to the Lord?

IV. They Arrived Safely Where God Wanted Them to Be- (44)

a. Look at the outcome of the story and find that the will of God always brings the best results.

b. "The most dangerous place in the world is the safest if that is where God wants you"

c. "God’s man doing God’s will is invincible until God is through using him"

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