Summary: What the Bible says about Tithing

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“Straight Talk About Tithes” Part 1

Dec.7, 2007 AM - Danny L. Williams

Lev. 27:30-33

In all the years that I have been pasturing (9yrs now)

I have never believed in beating sheep.

I believe the way to lead God’s people is through teaching.

The Bible says, “the entrance of thy word gives light.” Psm. 119:130

Some of you have come from Ministries and back grounds that were centered on abuse,

And what I want to do this morning is to

teach sound biblical truth so that you don’t waver from it.

Now this teaching, this morning is not just for those who don’t tithe, but it is partiality for those of you who do.

So that you may get the full benefit from your tithe.

Because, a lot of people just do things with out being taught.

We just submit to it and say, “I do it but I don’t know why.


And that is very important, because I believe that 90% of the people who do tithe really don’t know why they tithe.

They know God said to, but they don’t know why he said to.

And the bible says in all thy getting, get an understanding.

Now, understand there a certain things that can be preached, but others have to be taught in order for you to get the breakthrough you are suppose to have.

I do believe that God is suppose to bless his people.AMEN


Would be better to me in sin, Than God would be in Salvation.

And over the years, it has been hard to balance this issue, because the Church tends to go to one extreme or the other in terms of talking about blessing.

Because, the some Pastors teach now that your level of faith is a result of how much you prosper.

And I don’t think that is biblical because, I don’t have to drive a Rolls Royce to prove to you that I believe God.

And it is not fair to say that because, I have problems at home or with my child I don’t have faith.

Or you live in a better house than I and that is why God has blessed you more.

Because, the Apostles never lived in much of a house.

And they had all kind of faith.

They were raising the dead, healing people and all of that.

And so This morning I want to balance truth and very practice and be very sound.

Because, many of us have never been taught and we keep asking God to bless us and God is not going to pour new wine into old skin.

Simply, because the old skins can’t hold it.

So, there has to be a change in the old skins so that God can bless you.

I’m going to be very basic this morning, and simplistic and I hope that when we are done it will be a blessing to you.

My first Question is:

1. What is a tithe?

I know that seems ridicules to some of you, but there are some that really don’t know what a tithe is.

And we just assume that you know,

When you get saved, people assume you know everything.

Example: Somebody will say, “He is Anointed”

But, if you have never been in church, what is anointed?

And I never really realized how bad church colloquialisms were and how damaging they were until I started about 5 yr’s ago dealing with brand new Christians.

And they didn’t know how to define anointed, or slain in the spirit.

And One person was telling another,

And said when the pastor touched Him, he fainted.

And I thought that is a good description if you didn’t know what was going on.

You would say they fainted.

So there has to be an education.

So what is a tithe?

Simply stated, a tithe is a tenth of your GROSS income.

A 10th of your gross income.

Tithe- tenth---

It is a tenth of your gross income that is considered an opportunity for you to worship God, through obedience to his word.

By setting it aside as HOLY unto him.


And in bible days it went far beyond money,

because they weren’t always dealing with money as commerce.

They were dealing with crops and cattle, oxen and other animals.


If you had ten oxen that were born to you the first one belonged to God.

If you had ten bushels of Corn, the first bushel belonged to the Lord.

So, it was a tenth of what ever was taken in, their gross income was set aside and it was considered Holy unto the Lord.

And I want to talk just for a min. what it means for something to be holy unto the Lord.

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