Summary: As Christians we should not get too comfortable in our journey called life...

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Strangers in a Temporary Place

God bless you I sure hope you had a wonderful time this week with your families, I know that we had a wonderful time with ours. I would like for us if you would to turn your Bibles to

John 14:1-3

What Jesus is telling us who follow him is that this world is a temporary place.

We need to focus more on those things which are permanent for us

In the Bible those that follow Christ God has given them certain titles These titles describe who we are in gods eyes...

As individuals: disciples, temple of the living God, his habitation, believers, disciples

Collectively as a group: his elect, people of God, holy nation, his people, a royal priesthood, church of God, body of Christ

These titles show a difference between those who have accepted Christ and those who have rejected the Savior. These titles in essence identify us and tells us that we are special to God and different then them in this world...

And it seems as though every title about us is to tell a story

One of the titles that I appreciate in Scripture is found in 1Pe.2:11

"He calls us strangers and pilgrims"

This means that we are not supposed to fit in or blend in with our surroundings

This is one of the greatest challenges we have as Christians and that is we are supposed to be different than the world

Many Christians today are occupied in trying to fit in with the world instead of occupying themselves in being different than the world. This is the whole point of being a pilgrim and a stranger

In Jn. 15:19-20

Jesus said "the world has hated me and shall hate you also" This is why they persecuted our Messiah,

He didn't come just to give us a new belief system, but rather he came to give us a new way of life different than that of the world

This was a revelation that was given to the new apostles as well if we look at the Scriptures to Romans 12:1-2

We are called not to accept the standards, morals, and beliefs of this culture. But we are called to show the standards morals and beliefs of a heavenly kingdom the kingdom of God

God has not changed his position with regards to alternative lifestyles,

Society says that murder of the innocent is a choice,

the living together of a unmarried couple is a trial period,

But he will never change and his kingdom will never change his word is the same Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever!

One day Jesus Christ is coming again he's going to take this to our final destination that we can truly call our home our resting-place.

Turn your Bibles to Heb.11:13-14

If we are truly going to be different then this world the first thing the scripture tells us we must have is confidence

These men and women had a vision of a place that God was going to take them. And they were confident that God would keep his promise. So they died not in rebellion but they all died in faith

I'm telling you today we must confess openly this type of faith in the Lord.

Hold onto your help!

don't turn from God !

keep your trust in him!

persist in faith be confident in your mind knowing that God is faithful...

These men and women of the book of Hebrews 11, were in constant conflict with the culture around them.

Their values and priorities were not the same as other nations around them.

We thought to be a witness to them around us

To be an example of a victorious Christian life to this world

I am not against owning possessions

But I am against the possessions owning us...

Ja. 5:7-8 This was written a long time ago just how much closer now is the coming of the Lord that when James the apostle of Jesus Christ spoke these words...

Let Heaven be our prize

live a life like Christ our goal.

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