Summary: 3 of ? Paul closes his direction to the Ephesian church by encouraging them to find their strength in the Lord. But where or how can God's people find the strength to stand victorious? God’s people acquire strength to stand victorious thru a distinct...

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STRENGTH To STAND-III—Ephesians 6:10-20


Bigger Than Ever!

There were two old mountaineers were living in the backwoods of the Ozarks: Rufus & Clarence.

They lived on opposite sides of the river & they hated each other. Every morning, just after sunup, Rufus & Clarence would go down to their respective sides of the river & yell at each other.

“Rufus!” Clarence would shout, "You better thank your lucky stars that I can't swim, er I'd swim this river & whup you!"

“Clarence!” Rufus would holler back, “You better thank YOUR lucky stars that I can't swim, er I'd swim this river & whup YOU!"

Every morning. Every day. For 20 years. Neither one of ‘em even remembered why he was mad at the other one.

One day the Army Corps of Engineers came along & built a bridge. But the insults went on every morning. Every day. Another five years goes on.

Finally, Rufus' wife had had enough. “Rufus!” she squallered one day, “I can't take no more! Every day for 25 years you've been threatenin' to whup Clarence. Well, thar's the bridge! Have at it!”

Rufus thought for a moment. Chewed his bottom lip for another moment.

“Woman!" he declared, snapping his suspenders into place. "I'm gonna whup Clarence!"

He walked out the door, down to the river, along the riverbank, came to the bridge, stepped up onto the bridge, walked onto the roadway & stopped at the first truss over the bridge, he looked up for a second, then turned tail & ran screaming back to the house, slammed the door, bolted the windows, grabbed the shotgun, grabbed his wife, & then dove under the bed.

“Rufus!" cried the missus. "I thought you was gonna whup Clarence!”

“I was, woman, I was!" he nervously whispered.

“What in tarnation is the matter?"

“Well, it’s jist that Clarence ain't never looked that big from the other side of the river!” “I walked onto the bridge & there was an official lookin’ yeller & black sign hangin’ over the bridge entrance warnin’ ever’body comin’ onto that bridge, about Clarence!” It read 'Clearance, 13 feet, 6 inches!’

Likewise, God’s people need strength to stand in the storms of life!

Paul closes his revelation/direction to the Ephesian church by encouraging them to find their strength in the Lord by effectively arming themselves.

The church must acquire God’s strength to stand victorious.

Where is the church’s strength to stand victorious?

How can the church find strength to stand victorious?

12 distinctions of the Christian soldier’s strength for victory.

We have found that—

...God’s people acquire strength to stand victorious..or..acquire victory thru a distinct...

1. STRENGTH(:10)

2. ENSEMBLE(:11)Clothing/Array/Dress

3—God’s people acquire strength to stand victorious thru a distinct...



:12—“For we do not wrestle against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

“In the ultimate sense, the church’s battles with Satan are already won.”—MNTC

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