Summary: This is the 10th sermon in the series "From The Cradle To The Cross".

Series: “From The Cradle To The Cross” [#10]


John 4:4-26


1. In baseball it is three strikes and you are out.

2. Many people in our world today have experienced 3 strikes. How many strikes does God allow us before we are out?

3. Look with me at a woman who had 3 strikes.

John 4:4-26

The Woman

Strike #1

1. She was a Samaritan.

2. A Samaritan was a half breed.

3. Jews were not supposed to associate with Samaritans at all!

Strike #2

1. She was a woman.

2. A woman was considered as property; for example, as cattle.

3. A man wasn’t supposed to talk to a woman in public.

Strike #3

1. She had 5 ex-husbands and was living with a man.

2. She was a dirty, nasty woman who no one wanted.

3. By Jewish Law she deserved death.

The Savior

1. Jesus doesn’t care about society’s classifications or rules.

2. Jesus offers the very thing the woman was searching for: love.

3. Jesus doesn’t care about how many strikes you have; He wants to give you a new fresh “up to bat”.


John 4:39-42

1. Christian, your testimony about Jesus Christ can be what leads lost people to the Living Water.

2. If you are here without Christ, you have tried many things; but your needs or “thirst” have not been quenched.

3. Let Jesus change all of that today.

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