Summary: Paul gives Timothy some exhortations for being a good soldier of Jesus Christ!


2 Timothy 2:1-13

In these verses, Paul gives Timothy some exhortations for being a good soldier of Jesus Christ:

I. BE STRONG (2:1).

A. In grace which is in Christ.

B. Means - "keep on being empowered."

- "keep in touch with the power."

C. Christ is where the power is located. But we must keep in touch with Him.


A. What? - What you have heard from me - His writings and teachings.

B. To whom? - To faithful men = "trustworthy, reliable people."

C. To what end? - That they might teach others also. This is the battle plan of the Gospel.


A. What manner? - As a good soldier of Jesus Christ - lit. "for Christ."

B. No one in service entangles himself with the things of this life. - v. 4

C. In Athletics - to have a chance to win, a person is expected to play by the rules. - v. 5

D. The hard-working farmer will see results before a lazy bum will! - v. 6


Paul urges Timothy to "set his mind upon" what Paul has written and said. He also wishes for understanding.

V. REMEMBER (2:8-13).

A. That Jesus Christ was raised from the dead according to "my Gospel."

1. Paul suffered as an "evildoer" for the Gospel. - v. 9

2. But the Word of God was not chained even if Paul was. - v. 9.

B. Paul went on so that he could tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wanted people to hear the message of salvation. - v. 10

C. Paul emphasizes a faithful saying to remember:

1. Dying = Living

2. Enduring = Reigning

3. Denying Him = Being Denied

4. Faithlessness = He remains faithful

5. Jesus is always Faithful because it is His nature. He is

incapable of not being faithful.


Even as Paul urged Timothy to be a faithful soldier, let us be committed to the same as good followers of our Redeemer and Lord - Jesus Christ - Who is always Faithful and True!

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