Summary: A sermon which chronicles the reign of King Asa.

Strong Start and a Poor Finish

A study of the life of King Asa

from II Chronicles 14-16

II Chronicles 14:2-7

ASA Begins a Revival

Asa had a good start. As soon as he came to the throne he was busy ridding the

nation of idolatry.

He removed Idols and sites of idol worship.

He commanded the people to follow God.

Not only did Asa bring about a spiritual revival, he worked hard to fortify the cities.

During his early reign he took advantage of a period of peace to build and strengthen.

HE REMEMBERED to give credit to God for giving them the land. (verse 7)

Remembering God encouraged them in building and helped them to continue to

experience God’s blessing.

Christian Application: Always remember to give God the credit for the good things in your


II Chronicles 14:8-19


While Asa had experienced a time of peace, conflict no doubt had to arise. God may

grant us a period without conflict, but it is only to prepare us for a conflict that will come


The conflict was serious. A Cushite (upper Ethiopia) king brought a vast army

towards Judah. There is no adequate translation for the size of his army. The N.I.V. uses

the term “vast” while the Hebrew word is non-specific but is plain in saying that it is

thousands upon thousands upon thousands. On top of the numbers problem, this army

was the fact that the Cushite army had the best war technology of the day- The War

Chariots, which provided shielding AND mobility for archers and allowed troops to arrive

at the front of the battle fairly fresh and rested.

Asa does the right thing- he calls out to God- Let’s look at his prayer.

1) It contained praise! (There is none like you)

2) It contained a plea! (Help us!)

3) It contained a statement of faith! (we rely on you)

4) It contained a statement of relationship! (you are our God)

The Lord responds to this prayer by striking down the enemies. The Cushites flee

and Asa and his men chased them home, gathering loot and great rewards.

II Chronicles 15:1-7

An Encouraging Prophecy

Azariah comes to meet Asa as he returns. He speaks a word of prophecy to Asa to

encourage him. The content of his prophecy was:

1. God is with you when you walk with Him!

2. If you forsake God, He will forsake you!

3. Times have been hard for God’s people!

4. God would reward Asa’s hard work!

II Chronicles 15:8-19

ASA’s Response to the prophecy

If Asa had been a reformer before, he intensified his efforts after hearing this

prophecy. He continued to stand for the Lord and God’s blessing was on him.

God’s blessing was so clearly on King Asa that people even migrated and moved

from Israel to Judah in order to get in on God’s blessing. (see verse 9).

Fifteen years into Asa’s reign he gathers the people together for a time of worship

and a time of sacrifice. There the nation joyfully swore to follow God and they were

overjoyed because they truly meant it. (verse 15) And God responded by blessing them

and demonstrating his presence among them.

The one real drawback to Asa’s reign was that his revival did not extend into the

nation of Israel. He was only able to effect revival in Judah. However, his heart was fully

dedicated to the Lord.

Christian Application: God’s presence is much more noticeable when we are serving him


II Chronicles 16:1-6


No matter how much we trust God today, there will come a test tomorrow to see if

we will trust him then.

Asa had done such a good job of strenghtening Judah, the people of Israel wanted to

come and live in Judah. But the king of Israel, Baasha, attempted to prevent anyone

crossing the borders between the two nations.

Asa, rather than consulting the Lord, makes a deal with the Pagan King of Aram

(also called Syria, but it not modern day Syria) and bribes him to attack Israel. The worst

part of the bribing is where he got the money-- part of it came from the silver and gold in

the temple.

Christian Application: God never wants us to align ourselves with those who are against

God in order to accomplish what we believe to be God’s Will.

II Chronicles 16:7-9


Hanani comes with a message to Asa. The message contains:

1) A statement of the sin Asa committed! (You did not trust God)

2) A declaration of the results! (You will not defeat the king of Aram)

3) A reminder of past victories! (Remember the victory over the Cushites)

4) A declaration of God’s purpose! (to strengthen those who rely on him!)

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