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Philadelphia: The Faithful and Alive Church

Revelation, 3: 7-13

The word Philadelphia means: Brotherly love or one who loves his brother.

There is something missing in this letter. Can you guess what it is? _______________________________.

Sardis was one of two churches that didn’t receive any commendations, Jesus just went straight to the complaint. Philadelphia is the only church that did hear “BUT, I have a few things against you.”

A few facts about Philadelphia:

1. They were situated on the borders of Lydia, Mysia, and Phrygia. They had an open door to spread the gospel and they used it. This church new what it was like to be mission minded.

2.The city sat over a large earthquake fault and on A.D. 17 the area was hit by a massive quake that destroyed Sardis and 10 other cities. Philadelphia was spared total destructive but for years the city was hit by tremors that caused panic as well as walls to crumble. So Philadelphia understood what it meant to become a “pillar in the temple of God.”

3. The earthquake finally destroyed the city but due to aid from emperor Tiberius it was rebuilt. In appreciation the city changed it’s name to “Neocaesarea” which means “The new city of Caesarea.”

4. There was a Jewish Synagogue within the city limits, where the Jews thought they were the only true followers of God. They claimed ownership of the Keys of David, as well as the right to open or shut the door to God.

Verse7. Jesus describes Himself:

1. Jesus is the one who is Holy.

The word holy is a description of God Himself and Jesus is claiming the very nature of God. IS HE?

Scripture Proof: Ps. 99: 9 * IS. 6: 3 * Acts 4: 27 * Acts 4: 30 * 2Cor. 5: 21 * Rev. 15: 4

2. He is the one who is True.

The word true (alethinos) means true as opposed to false.

Scripture proof: Jn. 1: 9 * Jn1: 14 * Jn. 6: 32 * Jn. 18: 37 * 1Jn. 2: 8

3. Jesus IS the key of David.

The key of David opens and no man can shut, it shuts and no man can open.

What is the Key of David? In the Old Testament, King Hezekiah had a servant that was very faithful to him. His name was Eliakim and he was the personal secretary to the king. He was put in complete charge of king’s affairs. NO ONE could get in to see the king unless Eliakim let them in. If you wanted to see the king you had to go through Eliakim because he was the only way. Look @ Is. 22: 22

The Key of David, is the symbol of absolute authority. Jesus is the only one who has the key that locks or unlocks

the door to the very presence of God. He makes the final decision as to who lives in the city of God or who comes

in to the presence of God. You can try any number of ways but unless you go through Jesus you will not gain entrance to the throne of God. How do I know this?

Scripture proves it: Jn 5: 27 * Heb. 7: 25 * Heb. 9: 24 * 1Jn. 2: 1

Verse 8. The Commendation:

This is a picture of what the church should be and Jesus commends them for 3 things.

1. Philadelphia was reaching people for Christ. They didn’t form 15 committees to determine the best way to handle this open door, they got busy evangelizing their world. They were leading people to Jesus.

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