Summary: Study in Revelation, using "The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible" Study sheet included for particapants boxes & underlined blanks may be missing


The Announcement of The Final Triumph Over Evil [part I] The Little Book

Revelation 10: 1-11

[Part II] The Great Destruction of Israel & Jerusalem

Revelation 11: 1-2

Up to now we have witnessed the horror of the first six “trumpet judgments”

1. The fierce storm that destroyed 1/3 of the vegetation.

2. The “great mountain burning with fire” that destroyed 1/3 of the oceans of the world and 1/3 of the ships.

3. The “great star” that fell from heaven and contaminated 1/3 of the fresh water supply.

4. The eclipse that wiped out 1/3 of the daylight.

5. “The pit” was opened and demonic locust were set loose to torture the ungodly of the earth.

6. The 200 million demonic horse soldier that killed 1/3 of the ungodly and evil of the earth.

Now is the time for the seventh and final trumpet to sound. God does not go directly to the trumpet blast, He takes His time to lead up to the final trumpet judgment. We have all of chapter 10 and most of chapter 11 before the final trumpet, and even then the details aren’t given until chapter 12.

Chapter 10 begins the announcement of the final triumph over evil, so let’s get started.

1. vs. 1-4The Messenger: Who is He?

a. The messenger came from heaven. The announcement is too great to allow just anyone to make. This messenger came directly from the throne of God.

b. The messenger is clothed with a cloud. This symbolizes his majestic appearance.

c. The messenger has a rainbow on his head. This speaks of the glory as well as the mercy of God.

d. The messenger has a face that shines like the sun. This symbolizes light and the brilliance of the messenger.

e. The messenger has feet like pillars of fire. This symbolizes the purity and strength of the messenger.

f. The messenger is holding a little book open. What could this “little book” be? The Word of God. The love and the judgment of God. According to verse 11 John was to proclaim what was in the book, which we will discuss further in verses 8-11.

g. The messenger has one foot on the sea and the other on the land. This symbolizes the awesome size and power of the messenger. He is claiming the whole world for God.

h. The messengers’ voice sounded like the roar of a lion. This symbolizes the voice of God. The Lion of Judah is speaking to the entire universe. A lion’s roar can be heard for miles and when he roars, every creature within the sound of his voice pays attention.

i. The messenger called forth seven thundering voices. Do we remember what the number seven symbolizes? Seven is the number of completeness or fulfillment.

Thunder symbolizes the strength and power of Gods’ voice.

The announcement is a message of completeness, it is the final message and the thundering voice of God has the power to finalize things.

*Notice that the voice from heaven stops John from revealing the message of the seven thunders. He is told to seal up what the seven thunders have said.

Now, just who is this mighty messenger? Some say he is one of God’s most powerful angels. Others say He is Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah Himself. The description can fit either one and still work but look ahead to 11:3 “And I will give power unto my two witnesses…” This leads me to believe that the messenger here is the Lord Jesus Christ.

vs. 5-7 The Messenger Makes an Oath.

The messengers swears an oath by God Himself. How do we know this?

1. “By Him who lives forever and ever.”

2. “Who created heaven and the things therein.”

3. “who created the earth and the things therein.”

4. “Who created the sea and the things therein.”

As soon as the oath is taken the announcement is made. What is the announcement? Time will be no more.

Things are very quickly coming to an end. When all the things that we have covered in Revelation up to now have taken place the angel will sound the final trumpet and the last events of human history will take place.

The message is simply this: At the sound of the seventh and final trumpet, everything has been said and done; there is no more to say or do. IT IS FINISHED!!

The antichrist, that great world leader who brought peace to a suffering world, is going to turn on those he claims to love.

God is going to launch His final judgment on the earth and destroy both the antichrist and his followers.

The lord will establish His kingdom and reign for 1,000 years.

God will create a new heavens and a new earth that will remain forever and ever.

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