Summary: Study of Revelation, using "The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible" as a guide. Some of the check boxes and underlined blanks may be missing from the study notes that are included


The Seventh Trumpet in Detail [part2]

The Attack Through the First Beast: A Political Ruler

Revelation 13: 1-10

Chapter 13 discusses the terrible rulers that will rise up in the end time, the antichrist and his cohort, the world-wide religious leader who will help the antichrist gain and maintain control over the world. Their rule will be so savage that the Bible calls them beasts and they will launch the most horrific holocaust the world has ever seen. Literally millions of people, all over the world will be murdered during their reign. The murder and evil will so bad that God will not stand for any more. The antichrist will not only bring the world to the brink of disaster but will cross the line and cause absolute destruction of the world as we know it.

Remember, in chapter 12 we were given a glimpse into the spiritual world and what lies behind the evil in the world. We saw the battle that is being fought for the souls of man, as the evil one tries to pull man away from God. The dragon is cast down to the earth and he realizes his time is short. The dragon, Satan, will unleash his anger in the last days like the world has never seen before.

How will he do this? By using a leader who will gain control of the entire world. Who is this person? Let’s look.

v.1 The antichrist is the world leader and he rises up from the sea.

Will the antichrist actually rise up from the ocean or is this another use of a symbol in scripture?

Look at Rev. 17:15. The waters are described as peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.

The increase of violence, the wars and terrorist activities, the famines, the earthquakes and disease will have the people of the world scrambling for a leader who can offer them help and hope. When the people are the most vulnerable the antichrist will rise up and promise the world the hope they seek. The leaders of the nations will hand over their power to the antichrist.

vs.1 -2 The description of the antichrist.

1. The antichrist will have 7 heads. This means at least two things.

a. The antichrist will have great ability, an unusual genius. The seven in scripture means complete and full. The antichrist will be able to think and react in a way that is more effective than man has ever known. Never in the history of man has there been a man so talented, so intelligent.

b. The seven heads, with ten horns are a reference to the ten nations that he will control. In the beginning there will be ten nations leading the world but the antichrist will take over three, leaving seven. The remaining seven will surrender their governments to his rule. In the end the antichrist will have power over seven heads of state, thereby controlling the world.

2. The antichrist will have 10 horns. This is the same number of horns the devil had. This points to the antichrist as being the embodiment of the devil and his evil.

Horns also mean power. The fact that there are ten horns means there will be a confederated power of 10 nations.

What is one thing that a bull will do with his horn if you get too close?

So horns are also a symbol of these ten nations being not only powerful but they will strike fear in the hearts of all people.

3. The antichrist also has ten crowns on his ten horns.

Crowns mean authority. This tells us that the antichrist will be calling the shots as the ultimate authority of the confederated nations.

4. The antichrist will have ten blasphemous names on his seven heads. This means that his blasphemy against God and God’s people will be complete. Remember what seven means? Complete

a. He will be the abomination of desolation who will stand in the temple of God, in Jerusalem, and blaspheme God.

Scripture proof: Mt. 24: 15

b. He will be the man of sin, who opposes all religions; all that is called God and that is worshipped.

Scripture proof: 2Th. 2: 4

c. He will speak terrible things against The Most High.

Scripture proof: Dan. 7: 25

d. He will demand that all worship him and his state.

Scripture proof: Rev. 13: 4

5. The antichrist will combine and embody 3 of the world’s most powerful empires. Imagine if you took all the lust for power from each of the three most powerful nations in history and put it one man, this would be the antichrist.

Who could these three empires be? Notice the description given in verse 2.

The antichrist will;

Look like a leopard

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