Summary: Study of Revelation, using "The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible" as a guide. Some of the check boxes and underlined blanks may be missing


Preparing for the Seven Bowl Judgments

Revelation 15: 1-8

V. 1 John describes the scene in heaven as great and marvelous.

There are seven mighty angels or messengers prepared to go forth for God.

There are seven plagues that are said to be the last plagues.

These seven plagues are filled with God’s wrath.

We know that God is love and we teach and preach that news today. We seem to avoid, however, the fact that God is just and will some day judge the world of sin and evil.

Scripture Proof: Mt. 3: 2 * Lk. 13” 3 * Acts 8: 22 * Is. 55: 7

Vs. 2-4 John sees a sea of glass mingled with fire and there are people standing on this sea of glass.

Those standing on this sea of glass mingled with fire are the martyred saints.

The fire symbolizes the fire of persecution these believers went through.

It also symbolizes the fire of God’s wrath that is about to fall on all the ungodly of the world.

*The martyred saints did not worship the image of the beast. They did not receive his mark or the number of his name, which is 666.

There will be millions of believers slaughtered, during the worst holocaust the world has ever seen. But God will step in and put a stop to the evil and to the rule of the antichrist.

*The martyred believers are holding harps. Harps are a symbol of being soothed as well as praising and worshiping God.

God will soothe the hurt and pain of the martyred believers and give them rest. The believers will praise and worship God.

The believers will sing two songs. One is the song of Moses. The other is the song of the Lamb.

They sing to God, praising His works. [v.3]

They sing to the king of the saints or nations. They sing of His justice and his truth. [v.3]

They sing to the Lord, to the fear and glory of His name. [v.4]

ALL nations will come and worship God. [v.4]

Vs. 5-8 The judgment of God is sent forth.

1. In verse 5 we see the door to the “temple of the tabernacle” is opened.

The “temple of the tabernacle” refers to the inner sanctuary of the tabernacle in the Old Testament.

We know this place as the “Holy of Holies” or the “Most Holy Place”

This would tell us that the final judgment will be coming from the Most Holy Place, the very presence and heart of God.

2. In verse 6 seven angels come out from The Most Holy Place or from the very presence of God.

Let’s look at the scene.

a. Seven angels are holding seven plagues in their hands.

b. They are dressed in white, which a symbol of holiness.

c. They each have a gold belt around their waist. This symbolizes royalty, power and authority.

3. In verse 7 these seven angels are given seven bowls. These bowls are filled with the wrath of God.

What happens when you try to take a bowl from some one that is full? The contents splash out on you…

There are no lids on these bowls, which tells us that the contents WILL be poured out. God’s wrath will be poured out on all those who refuse to take the cup of His salvation, which is Jesus Christ.

4. In verse 8 the door to the temple of God will be closed, until the seven bowl judgments are completed.

Will God really pour out His wrath on the ungodly?

Scripture: Jn. 3: 36 * Rom. 1: 18 * Rom. 2: 8 * Eph. 5: 6 * Ps. 2: 12 * Lam. 3: 43-44

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