Summary: A study in Revelation, using "The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible" as a guide.

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The Pouring Out of the Seven Bowl Judgments

Revelation 16: 1-21

There is an absolute horrifying judgment on the way. Never before has man’s imagination dreamed up anything that can compare to what we are about to witness, in chapter 16 of the book of Revelation.

The most horrible movie you can think of will not even come close in comparison to the coming judgment of God.

This will be the final judgment and it takes place right at the very end of human history. We have seen two of the three judgments of Revelation. Do you remember what they were?

1. The seven seal judgments, which take place before the great tribulation, during the period of time Christ called “the beginning of woes.”

When the first four seals were broken we saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse charging on to the scene.

a. The first seal we saw a rider coming in on a white horse. We discovered that the rider was not Jesus.

The rider was given a crown and Jesus already has a crown. The rider was given a crown of a conqueror and

Jesus wears the crown of King of Kings.

b. When the second seal is broken we see a red horse and rider come thundering in. He is the rider who was given

a great sword. He is the one that will take peace from the earth so that people will literally begin to kill each


c. The third seal is broken and we see a black horse with rider. This rider also seems to be the antichrist with his

power to control the economy and distribution of food.

d. The fourth seal is broken and there is another explosive scene as we see the pale horse and rider come charging

in. The rider has a name. Death is his name and sitting right behind him is hell.

e. The fifth seal is opened and John saw the souls of martyrs under the altar, who were crying out for justice.

f. The sixth seal is broken and we see the beginning of God’s wrath or His judgment upon the universe.

There is a great earthquake.

g. When the 7th seal is broken there is absolute silence. No one is speaking, no one is moving; not even Jesus.

We’re told that the silence lasted for ½ hour.

2. The seven trumpet judgments were the next to take place. These take place during the great tribulation period.

a. When the first trumpet sounds we see a terrible storm that fell on the land.

1/3 of all the trees and grass were destroyed.

b. The second trumpet sounds and we see the destruction of 1/3 of the world’s ocean.

c. The third trumpet sounds. We see destruction of 1/3 of the world’s fresh water supply.

d. The fourth trumpet sounds. We see strange happenings in the second heaven. Read Rev. 8:12

e. When the fifth trumpet sounded John said that a star fell from heaven. This star, or satan is given a key that

unlocks the bottomless pit. When he opens the pit horrible creatures come pouring out from the smoke.

f. When the sixth trumpet sounds the four angels, who have been held back are set free to kill 1/3 of the

ungodly population.

g. As soon as the seventh trumpet sounds, the 24 elders fall on their faces in worship of the one true God.

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