Summary: Study in Revelation using "The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible" as a guide


Vision 3 part II

The Power Behind Babylon

Revelation 17: 7-18

According to verse 7, Babylon, or false religion is a mystery.

How can people claim to follow God and put leaders, governments, states and even rituals above God?

How can people claim to follow God and slaughter millions of innocent people?

This is just what John saw. He saw just what false religion would be like in the last days. He saw religion join hands with the government of the antichrist and false religion would sweep, not just one nation but, the entire world.

John saw the world being seduced by this false religion and most would give in and worship this new government as the provider and protector of society.

John also watched s this new religion slaughtered millions of innocent people for not putting the state religion before their own.

You have to believe that John was in a state of bewilderment at this point and while he stood there in shock an angel stepped up and told John that he would explain the mystery of “religious Babylon”.

Vs. 7-14 The source of Babylon’s power will be the antichrist.

We have looked at most of the facts discussed in these verses so we will not go into great detail again.

1. The seven heads are:

science experiment gone bad

mutated creature, caused by a nuclear explosion

seven governments/kingdoms that hand over their nation to the antichrist

We discussed the 10 horns in detail before and we understood that when the antichrist comes on the scene, he will

conquer three nation and absorb them into his own.

2. The antichrist will come from the bottomless pit. [Rev. 11: 7-10]

3. The antichrist is doomed to perdition. The word means to be destroyed.

It really does not matter who you are or how much you have or even who you can control, the truth is, without Jesus Christ there is only destruction.

Scripture: Mt. 25: 46 * Mk. 3: 29 * Lk. 3: 17 * Rom. 2: 8-9 * 2Th. 1: 7-9 * Heb. 10: 29-30 * 2Pt. 2: 9 *

Rev. 20: 15 * Rev. 21: 8

Let’s look a little closer at verses 9-10.

Many say that Babylon or false religion will be based in Rome. Their reason for this is that in ancient times Rome was known as “the city on sevens hills.”

The problem is that John clearly says in verse ten that the seven mountains are kings.

9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

1. Five of the kings or empires have already fallen. Most believe these to be, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon,

Medo-perisa, and Greece.

2. One of the kingdoms still remains. This is believed to be Rome and the traits of Rome that have continued down through the centuries.

3. One king is yet to come. This is believed to be a reviving of the Roman Empire, or at least one of the nations that were in the Roman empire.

Vs. 15-18 Babylon or false religion will be destroyed.

In the last days there will be a state religion in place that will force the people to give their first allegiance to the state. This religion will give much to those who follow and will expect much more in return.

1. False religion will be supported by millions from all nations and languages.

2. Babylon will be destroyed by the antichrist. Why? The answer is in the above point: money and power.

a. Imagine what it will take to keep such a powerful religious movement going. All the control and personnel, not to mention that office space and other resources need to make sure that the people stay in line.

b. Think about all the wealth that a world religion will have through contributions and from property that it will hold.

Once the antichrist and his state have the loyalty of the people, religion will be no longer a necessity. The only thing missing will be the wealth of the religion.

c. The state will hate religious Babylon. Religion has served its purpose and the state wants complete control of the people and the wealth.

d. The state will make religious Babylon desolate [see v.16]

Religion will be robbed of all monies, wealth, property, anything of value.

e. The state will strip religious Babylon naked [16] exposing her corruption and showing why religion should be destroyed.

f. The state will eat her flesh [16] The state will consume everything that is worthwhile or beneficial to the state.

g. The state will burn religion with fire. There will be nothing left but ashes.

3. Who gets the credit for the destruction of false religion? ______________ [v.17]

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