Summary: Paul's Prayer fro Believers

Day 3

Read: Eph. 1:15-23 Paul’s Prayer

v. 15. For this reason: These blessings – election, adoption, redemption, forgiveness, unity in Christ, and ultimate restoration of all creations.

v.16. Give thanks: It is not mere say “thank you”, but beyond such as active witness in day today life, meaningful acceptance of reality of sufferings and joy of Christian life. It’s a dynamic relationship. Give thanks for “faith and love”. Faith means believing in Christ’s claims and love in relationship with all. Without love for God and fellow Christian our worship, our doctrines, stewardship loses its meaning.

v. 17. Know Him: Prayer needs to be offered for all not for self. Know God. Know His glory, power, grace and everything in him. Means of revelation of God are Ps 19:1, Jn. 5:39, Jn14:9, 10, Rm. 1:19-21, Heb. 1:1-3. Believers need more rational knowledge than bookish knowledge.

v. 18. Glorious inheritance: Calling underscores both privileges and responsibilities, opportunities and challenges. Think of your inheritances ( Fellowship with Christ( ICor. 1:9), Adoption of Children of God, Sainthood (I Thess. 4:7), serve one another Gal 5:13),etc.,)

v. 19. Dunamis: denote the innate ability to accomplish what one has to do. Working(energeia), mighty(ischys), power(kratos); energeia means activity and effectiveness. Ischys means intrinsic strength or might. Kratos means victorious.

v. 20. God Raised Him and seated Him: Resurrection & Exaltation

v. 21. Universal Dominion: All (names, powers, authorities, dominions) things under His feet. Christ is the cosmic ruler no more Satan has power over Him and also on his Children.

v.22. Head of the Church: Head means the power, authority, final word to say. Head controls everything in the body. Our members of the body acts based on the command of our head like wise believers must work in Christ. Loyalty to Christ means loyalty to Church. There can’t be two loyalties. Unfaithful to Church means unfaithful to God. Two cannot be separated.

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