Summary: Sin distroy lives and Church it is time that we fear hurting the love ones around us. It is time we feared hurting our Lord and Savior.

Submission to the Father

1 Peter 1:17

And if you call on the Father, who without partiality judges according to each

one’s work, conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear;

I. Confession (you call on the Father)

of His possission

a. the word call means “to put a name upon”

Ill. Years ago a young boy moved into my home. Since he never had a father figure in his life he ask me could he call me Dad. I explained ot him if he didn’t mind the responciblities of being called my son I didn’t mind it ethier.

It is more than a name it is a possition. That title says you are giving someone authority over your life. That the reason I teach my children not to call me Doug, but to call me Daddy. For the same reason I ask the Youth to call me Brother Doug.


The more I work with teenagers the more I understand the need for that authority in there lives.

Ill. I was talking with a young minister the other day about a certain group of young people I am having a very difficult time reaching. He

was trying to explain to me why he felt that one certain group turned out the way that it did. I asked him was there anyone in that group that had a father fugure in there lives during the time they grew up. And he was almost shocked when realized that not one in that group had a father figure in their lives.

I heard the other day on the radio that the average father spends 3 minutes a day of quality time with his children.

b. of His impartiality (without partiality)

KJV without respect of persons

He has no favorites, no prejudges

c. of His Judgement

What does God have to judge within a Christians life?

The issue of salvation is already settled, but salvation

should produce works in our lives. (Notice that works do

not produce salvation)

This confession should change my conduct

II. Conduct

“conduct your self throughout the time of your stay here”

a. we are sojourning here

One problem Christian seem to have a hard time overcoming is

the fact that our life here is just temporary.

I have had parents pull their children off of mission trips because

they interfered with ball games. You may teach your child to be

a good team player, but that is not going to matter in eternity.

Ill. Lot did fine in his Christian walk as long as hew was

journeying, but when he settled down in Soden he found himself

surrounded by a world of toubles.

when we confess who He is we also find

b. we live in fear

“It is not fear of judgement, but a fear of disappointing Him or

sinning against His Love.”

The jews of the old testament fear God so much that they would

not even speak His name. Now it seems that every where we go

we here the Lord’s name spoken in vane.

I heard a preacher the other day on a tape explain His fear of

falure like this: He said I could not image my wife calling on of

my daughters (who thinks the world of me) and explaining to

them that their father could not remain faithful to her. Maybe

saying you father is no longer in the ministry because of sites

that he was looking at on the internet.

Sin distroy lives and Church it is time that we fear hurting the

love ones around us. It is time we feared hurting our Lord and Savior.

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