Summary: This sermon will help you see the purpose of sudden difficulties that erupt in your life; and how for you to respond to them.

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Sudden Storm

Matthew 14:22 – 36

By: JB Hall

Introduction: The event we will be considering is recorded in 3 of the gospels: Matthew 14:22 - 36, Mark 6:45 - 56, and John 6:15 – 21.

Here’s the scene: The disciples had just finished serving 5,000 people as Jesus performed a miracle, taking five loaves and two fishes and turning them into enough food to feed 5,000 men, beside women and children.

Immediately after this miracle, Jesus instructed the disciples to get into a boat and go before Him over the Sea of Galilee to the other side.

As they traveled across the sea, John 6:18 says, “And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew.”

Just like the disciples here, sometimes you and I encounter a sudden storm in our lives.

Perhaps even now you are in the midst of a sudden storm.

Let’s examine this event and see if we can’t learn some things that will help us during the sudden storms in our lives.

1. A Sudden Storm will erupt as just that; a sudden storm.

A. Sometimes a storm will arise in your life out of nowhere.

B. You have not done anything to cause it to erupt; it is not your fault.

C. As a matter of fact, these disciples were following Jesus’ orders to get into the boat and travel to the other side.

D. They had not disobeyed Him, bringing His judgment upon them.

E. They were right in the center of His will; they were following His instruction.

F. So, you can’t always attribute storms in your life to God’s judgment for you being out of His will.

G. Sometimes we do bring storms upon ourselves by our disobedience to God’s will; but this is certainly not always the case.

H. Sometimes a sudden storm will erupt in your life though you are in the center of the will of God; perhaps even following His instructions; perhaps even doing the ministry He has called you to.

I. A sudden storm is often just that: as sudden storm – erupting without warning and seemingly without reason.

2. A Sudden Storm will sometimes immediately follow a great spiritual event.

A. Here, the disciples had just been used by Jesus in a great miracle that He had performed.

B. They had just received at His hand, enough food for 5,000 men, not including women and children, that He had miraculously multiplied from 5 loaves and 2 fishes; and had served it to the massive crowd of thousands.

C. What an exciting time that must have been!

D. But then here, even as they thought on this great event, they are immediately thrust into a life-threatening sudden storm.

E. They had not even had time to fully process in their own minds what had just occurred, and to appreciate the significance of their participation in it, until they were suddenly fighting for their very lives.

F. There used to be a commercial that said, “Life comes at you fast…”

G. It really does!

H. Perhaps your sudden storm has come right on the heels of a great spiritual high; a great spiritual victory or event in your life.

I. If so, don’t be dismayed.

J. This too, can be Jesus’ way of taking you to an even higher level of involvement with Him.

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