Summary: When we suffer from poor i sight we are never grateful to God.

We suffer from poor I Sight. Not eyesight, a matter of distorted vision that lenses can correct, but I sight. Poor I sight blurs your view not of the world but of yourself.

Some see self too hightly. Maybe it’s a PhD or predigree. A tattoo can do it, so can a new truck or the Noble Prize. Whatever the cause, the result is the same. I have so many gifts I can do anything.

Brazenly self assured and utterly self sufficient the I focused have long strutted beyoung the city limits of self confidence and entered the state of cockiness. You wonder who put the air in arrogance and the vain in vainglory? Those who can say I can do anything. Each one of us at some point in our lives have been in the state of cockiness. Some never leave it others get hurt and learn the hard way.

And all of us know the other extreme: I can’t do anything? Forget the thin air of cockiness, these folks breathe the thick, swampy air of self defeat. Cockaroaches have higher self esteem. These people get stuck in the I am no good. I can’t do anything. The world would be a better place without me.

Sometimes it is a terrible experience in life that cause these kinds of feeling. It could be the death of a loved one or a divorce that you did not think could happen. The promotion that someone else at work gets over you. Or the fact that the company goes outside to hire for a new position when you think you would be ideal for the job. So rather than object or cry foul they say see I told you I can’t do anything, I am worthless and no good.

If you are cocky or self depreciating you suffer from Poor I sight. You need a sight adjustment. You need to deal with the root of the problem.

We can’t do anything but we can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. The root of the problem is that we don’t want to admit that we can’t do something. I remember once saying that i had worked on radio’s when I first moved to the Carey’s and John Jr called me on it he handed me a radio that was broken and said fix it and I knew that I could never fix it but would not admit it. We can’t fix the lives that we have messed up. We can’t fix the relationships with our mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and wife or husband and the people at work but in Christ’s strength we can have the strength to do all that needs to be done. If that means suffering from the consequences of our actions for a year or a life time we can because Christ strengthens us. We are not omnipotent nor are we impotent, we are not God’s MVP we are not going to be at his right hand in the resurrections nor are we God’s mistake. We are not secure nor are we insecure. We are God secure a self worth based on our identify as Childern of God. We are in the middle. So how do we get there? Should we go for counseling? Maybe Therapy or read more self help books. Maybe a long walk in the forest with just the wind in the leaves. Nothing wrong with any of them but not what is needed in this situation. God Cure for poor I sight is Worship.

Showing up here on Sunday? Singing songs that sometimes you like and sometimes you hate or you feel that the music is not cutting edge enough or the preacher speaks too long and his voice drops at the end of sentences. You are just not into church will go with the wife to get her off your back. Worship is the only thing in the world that i know will deal with poor I sight. The prayers and the giving and the old ladies and the screaming kids and the grape juice and the breads. Why do I think that this will fix the i sight problem that we all have.

Because it get our eyes off ourselves and puts them on God who strengthens us and makes it possible to do all things in him. Worship gives God honor and offers him a standing ovation.

Worship is something that we can do on sunday in our songs and in our worship and it is something that we can do just before we leave the car to go to work or before we eat our lunch or as we sit on the part bench and watch the birds. We worship 24/7 showing up on Sunday ready to lift Jesus up. We don’t come to church to worship we come worshipping God.

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