Summary: This is the 1st sermon in the series "Walking With Jesus". This sermon is about Peter’s surrender to follow Jesus.

Sunday Morning September 8, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “Walking With Jesus” [#1]



Luke 5:1-11


1. As we begin a new series, “Walking With Jesus”, we are going to follow the life of Peter. You may say, “Why Peter, he was an imperfect man?” and that is exactly why.

2. Peter lived a life of “ups and downs” for God just as we do. Peter had many successes for God, but he also had many failures.

3. As we study what Peter learned from Jesus as he walked with Him, I pray that we would also walk with Jesus and allow Him through His Word to teach us.


Luke 5:1-3


Peter’s Possession

1. As Jesus was standing and preaching by the Lake of Gennesaret, which is also the Sea of Galilee, He saw two boats and some fishermen working.

2. Jesus just walked over and got into Peter’s boat and told him to put the boat out into the water. Now many of us would have never got past this point because this was Peter’s boat and Peter was the one in charge of the boat, not Jesus. I would have probably said, “Hey, who do you think you are? This is my boat not yours”, but Peter went ahead and did as Jesus asked.

3. Notice, Peter stopped working and was now in the boat with Jesus as Jesus was preaching to the crowd on the shore. What message did Peter hear that day?


Luke 4:38-44

SLIDE 9-10

Luke 5:4-7


Peter’s Pride

1. Once again Jesus was telling Peter what he needed to do. Don’t forget Jesus was a carpenter by trade and Peter was a fisherman by trade. So who would you think would have a better “know how” in the fishing industry? Peter!

2. The fact that Jesus was asking Peter to go out in the deep water during the heat of the day showed that Jesus did not know what He was doing. See, every fisherman knew that you fished at night in the shallow water. In fact they had fished all night and caught nothing. But, to appease Jesus, Peter said, “All right, if that’s what you want I’ll do it”.

3. To Peter’s surprise he had so many fish in his net that the net began to break. Peter had to call for help the catch was so good.

SLIDE 12-13

Luke 5:8-11


Peter’s Passion

1. It is interesting to note that in verse 5, Peter called Jesus “Master”, which in the Greek is translated as “teacher”; but in verse 8 he calls Jesus “Lord” which is translated “ruler” or “boss”.

2. Peter realized that not only was Jesus a great teacher, but He had divine authority. Just as Peter did, when we put our life next to Jesus’ life we fall to our knees and cry, “Get away”, because we are so dirty and ashamed, but Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid, I will change you and I will make you clean.”

3. Peter had fought it all he could and realized that on his own he was nothing. So what did he do? He surrendered his life to Jesus, left all he knew and did, and followed Jesus.



1. Have you surrendered your life to Jesus?

2. Christians, have you left your past behind and followed Jesus or are you still trying to drag some of those things around.

3. As the sign I saw said, “If you are Jesus’ co-pilot you need to move”. Jesus must be the pilot of your life and He does not need your help.

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