Summary: Talks about being committed to God in total surrender

Surrender to God

Joshua 24:1 & 23

Introduction: Describe the game called "mercy" - the purpose of the game is to get the other

guy to surrender by bending back his hands. Forced unconditional surrender. God does not force us to surrender

but he does expect us to.

I. Surrender Past

1. Actions: Put the old ways behind - all things become new

a. Before I sinned - now I do not sin

2. Attitudes: Before we thought like the world -

a. now we renew our thoughts with God’s Word

3. Atmosphere: Before we were of the world now we are just visiting

* In order to surrender to God you must surrender your past to Him

1. Not glory days - not proud of sin

2. Not a tool of the devil to keep you down - east from west

3. Not still living in the control of sin - break free from habits

1. Surrender to God - be free from sin’s power

II. Surrender Present Luke 9:23-24

1. Actions - We must live Holy - no excuses

a. Following the will of God is not difficult

1. Do the next thing He tells you to do

2. Act on the best plan, God will stop you if it’s wrong

b. When our heart is to please God we will find His will.

2. Attitudes - How are we surrendering?

a. Are we playing "mercy" with God?

1. If it feels like we are guess what - It’s not Him.

a. We are fighting with our ourselves

b. God reminds us of His will & His Word

b. When we surrender to God He is able to "work all things for good"

3. Atmosphere - I will be in the Will of God, and surrender to it.

III. Surrender Future Joshua 24:23

1. Actions: committed to Christ forever

1. while your young & later in life

2. God’s will a priority for you

2. Attitude: whatever God calls me to do I will do

1. Luke 9:23-24

2. Every dream you’ve ever had will be fulfilled.

{wanted to write, wanted to teach, I do both}

* Your future in God’s hands means you have to give up some control, but you

must remember God is a good god and you can trust him!


Surrender to God

1. Past -

2. Present -

3. Future -

1. Salvation

2. Recommitment

3. Struggle with habits, memory, or desire you can’t release

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