Summary: How can youth survive there home when there home hurts


Isaiah 57:18

Pastor Jeff Seaman

Have you watched the new hottest show SURVIVOR? High TV rating, people are really into survivors and how will make it.

Why is this show such a success? It was different, it was new, but I think that people tried to imagine themselves in that situation. What would I do to eat? Would I eat a worm, rat? Would you?

What would you do to survive? Would you sell out a friend, share, take chances, and trust others? This was done to see who would win the million dollars. That will cause people to do just about anything. I think the real success of SURVIVOR is the picture of real life it provides. The show displayed nothing more than a picture of real life. People struggling with each other in everyday society and are willing to destroy one another for money.

It was interesting that the whole drama became the story of relationships. They got along; they formed a friendship, an alliance. They didn’t get along, they didn’t like each other, they conspire, they gossip, they fight, they shout. Sounds like a real family doesn’t it.

Unfortunately many people live in a home with a bad relationship with someone. Or maybe for some friends that have had a falling out. The Bible says, Mark 3:25 (LB)"A home filled with strife and division destroys itself."

To night I want to tell you of two people who can from a broken home, and one survived and one did not.

The first young persons name was Mike Stanford. I was the youth pastor at my first church, and Mike can one night to a compel night we had, and he gave his life to Jesus. Mike can from a very different home, his mom was a real witch, and the night he would go to youth, she would go and do her thing. His father did not want anything to do with Mike; his father would always tell his he was a loser.

When Mike got saved he had a lot of things in his life that he and I were working on. Every time that he would have a problem with his dad he would go out and either get drunk or sleep with a girl friend. That was his way of dealing with the pain in his life.

Mike would call me up at 2:00 in the morning and would just cry because of all the pain in his life, and I would go and pick him up and would pray with him and tell him to give it to Jesus.

There came one night when Mike had a real big fight with his dad, he had just got his report card and was proud to show his dad that he did not have any D of F on it. But his dad started to yell at him and tell him that he was a loser because he got some C’s. Mike lived to please his dad, that all he wanted in life was for his dad to be proud of him.

That night Mike could not take the let down any more, he when into his room and when into his closet and he hung himself. I got the call and had to go over there, his mom was a wreck, and the first thing she asked me was is he in heaven. Mike had an impact on his mom, but he did not see it because he did not see his dad love him.

On Dec. 23, 1990 we did his funeral, he did not know how to survive living in a broken home. He was saved, but did not know how to bring Jesus home with him.

Now I want to tell you my story and how I can from a broken home, but most of all, how I survived a home were home was were the hurt was…

I came from a home were both of my parents drank and did drugs. I was a drug baby, I was only 2Lb. When I was born. I grew up in a home when I was sexually abused at the age of 8 by some one how was baby-sitting me while my parent where in Los Vegas.

My parent split up after all of this came out. My dad would tell me that his life is all messed up because of me.

I lived with my dad for most of my life, and my dad was a very heavy drinker and would take it out on my brother and me. He would come home at 10:00 at night drunk and would start yelling at us. He would throw things at us and would break all kinds of thing in the house. The police would come over to our house all the time.

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