Summary: A message on the importance of forgiveness in relationships and healing.

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ƒ{ In this award winning film called "The Mission", Robert DeNiro plays a mercenary who after killing his brother in a fit of jealous rage takes shelter in a local church.

ƒ{ He eventually leaves the church and heads to a mission post located above the waterfalls in a South American jungle.

ƒ{ Because of what he has done, and how bad he feels, he ties himself to a several-hundred pound net of items that represent his sinful life

ƒ{ He feels compelled to drag this sack of sin around with him as a way to do penance for what he has done.

ƒ{ As you watch this clip you'll see him slip under the burden of his past, with the rope choking the very life out of him.

ƒ{ He feels terrible and yet doesn't know what to do with his sin and the shame that comes with it.

VIDEO The Mission - Scene _______

ƒ{ Have you ever felt this way?

o Tethered to transgressions

o Gasping under guilt

o Bound by bitterness

o Mixed up by a mess up?

ƒ{ The devil would love nothing more than to destroy us with the guilt of what we:

„X Should have

„X Could have

„X Might have


ƒ{ You will never be a survivor if you don't get rid of guilt and condemnation.


1. Guilt Destroys our Confidence

* Guilt and condemnation will make us feel insecure

* Because we are always worried that someone will find out

o What we've done

o What we struggle with

o What we've gone through

* Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels, played a prank on five of the most prominent men in England.

* He sent an anonymous note to each one that simply said this, "All is found out, flee at once."

* Within 24 hours all five men had left the country.

Proverbs 28:1

The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

* Is guilt destroying your conscience today?

2. Guilt Damages Relationships

* When we live in un-confessed sin we can respond to people in wrong ways

* Get mad...but mad at yourself

3. Guilt Keeps us Stuck in the Past

* Continually playing your failure over and over

* Guilt can't change the past just like...

o Worry can't change the future

* But both can make you miserable today!

Psalms 32

ƒ{ Background

ƒ{ David is the author

ƒ{ While he was a great king and walked with God for much of his life

ƒ{ We also know that he committed adultery and murder.

ƒ{ When David speaks, he does so as a sinner who has been forgiven

ƒ{ The particular sin that David refers to is not important because there are plenty to choose from.

ƒ{ He wrote this Psalm to help us know that we can be fully restored and completely forgiven no matter what we've done.

ƒ{ This Psalm is one of the seven Psalms of forgiveness, which include:

o 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130 and 143

ƒ{ Psalm 32 has also been referred to as one of Paul's Psalms because it is quoted extensively in Romans 4:6-8

ƒ{ Establishing that we are declared righteous not because of what we've done

ƒ{ But because of what Christ has done on the cross.

ƒ{ If you look at the very beginning of Psalm 32, right before verse 1, you'll see the phrase,

o "A maskil"

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