Summary: How do you smell

Intro: One day long, long ago there was an apothecary who created the most exotic perfumes. The perfume maker had just finished making his greatest creation, a perfume that was so intoxicating that no one could resist it's aroma. He would make a fortune with this perfume; he would sell it to the Queen for a very large amount of money. He got so excited about the newly created scent he ran out to tell all of his friends about his good fortune, but he forgot to cover the perfume up. Flies were attracted to the sweet aroma of the perfume and swarmed it. Some of the flies were trapped in the perfume. The perfume maker, in all of his excitement about all the money he would make forgot to check on the perfume. While he was arranging the sell of the perfume, the flies trapped in the perfume spoiled the exotic scent. The Queen was so excited about this new perfume, she wanted immediate delivery. The perfume maker rushed home and picked it up without looking at it. Imagine the shock in the Queen's eyes as she caught the odor of decaying flies instead of the promised exotic scent. Can you see the fear of the perfumer as the King sends him to prison?

The moral of this story is to guard the fragrance, so that it won't be a stink in someone's nostrils

Sometimes we are a sweet smell (like a beautiful scented perfume) that rises up to the Lord; sometimes we stink like a perfume that was spoiled by flies getting into it.

Text: Eccl 10:1 -3 Dead flies can make even perfume stink.

In the same way, a little foolishness can spoil wisdom.

2 The heart of the wise leads to right, but the heart of a fool leads to wrong.3 Even in the way fools walk along the road, they show they are not wise; they show everyone how stupid they are.

Here are a few people that started out a sweet perfume but after they were spoiled by flies they became a stink to God

Reuben. Flies in his Perfume caused him to loose his position As the first born Reuben was the first born was to have the blessing. Reuben wanted to save Joseph, Was willing to be responsible for Benjamin. Got a Fly in his Perfume !

(1). Had a relationship with one of Jacob's wives

(2)The results of the fly in the perfume (no

longer a sweet smell; but a stink)

Gen 49:3 "Reuben, you are my firstborn, my might, the first sign of my strength, excelling in honor, excelling in power.

Gen 49:4 Turbulent as the waters, you will no longer excel, for you went up onto your father's bed, onto my couch and defiled it.

Samson : Flies in his perfume caused him to fail in freeing Israel from the bondage of the Philistines

1). Dedicated to be a Nazirite before he was born

2). Was the last major Judge of Israel

3). Had super strength

4). Got a fly in his perfume

(1). Encounter with Delilah


1). The fifth major Judge of Israel

2). Defeated the Midianites and Amalekites with 300


3). Refused to is King (said that God should be King)

4). Flies in his perfume

(1). Made an idol and caused the people to

Worship it

Saul :

1). Anointed to be king of Israel

2). A proven military leader

3). He prophesied

4). Flies in his perfume

(1). Tried to do Samuel job of offering sacrifice

(2). Tried to kill David

(3). Consulted a witch

(STORY) The young man was frustrated and irritable, he was tired of waiting on the old preacher. It wasn't that he didn't like the preacher, but the conditions in the prison were overwhelming. The lack of sanitary conditions and the darkness and dampness of the cell were getting to him. There was no more revival meetings, no more visitors other than gloom and despair. As the devil tempted him, he began to think "What about me", "What will I do after the execute the preacher". "I don't see any future in this; I'm out of here. So Demas slipped out in the darkness of the world, denying his obligation to God, and forever sealing his fate to the world of eternal darkness

Demas: A companion and co-worker of Paul the apostle (Col. 4:14). Though in Philemon 24 Paul identified Demas as a "fellowlabourer," 2 Timothy 4:10 indicates that this man later deserted Paul, "having loved this present world.

1). A companion of the Apostle Paul

2). A fellow laborer

3). Flies in his perfume

has departed (loved the world more than God )


1). A disciple of Jesus

2). Sent out to do miracles

3). Was the treasurer of the Disciples

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