Summary: A glimpse of what happens in Christ Body

When too much power is concentrated in one person, body, company, organisation or ministry it could necessitate the sudden implementation of drastic changes at times, that could be too sudden. An organisation is like a human body - a personality. There are various parts which are expected to work in sync with each other. When Paul described the Church as a human body he meant that even though we are numerous individuals we have an impact and effect that rubs off on each member. Of all of the positions in the body, Jesus was referred to as the most significant - the head!

If the Church, made up of many individuals constitutes of just one being - one person ( Jesus Christ) and Jesus is the head, it means that for each organisation, For each body, the members are linked to the leader. Since the leader is the head of the body once a person is a member of an organisation the actions, words and thoughts of the head will have an impact on the individual members of the group.

For instance, Jesus said that in my father house there are many mansions there. He said that he goes to prepare a place that where he is we will be with him in heaven. Jesus, while on earth was the head of the church. While in heaven he is still the head. Every head must have a body.

This body is made up of various sub-parts.

Each day and moment I mentally address(at times I do it verbally) parts of my body. I get them to work in synergy with each other. I get them to love each other. At times, they might want to work contrary to each other (like the teeth might want to bite the tongue while feeding) but because they don’t want me to be hurt myself they obey my general promptings. It is my body. I feed it mentally with love joy and goodness. And when I am able to afford it, I dress nicely to show off my body.

All parts of my body work in synergy with each other. They are proportionate, comely, lovely and considerate of each other. The loves that flows through my body gives it joy. The members are pleased. My body feels good while in my head I take decisions that are in favour of my body and all of its members. That is the situation of my body.

The body of Jesus constitutes of individual members of the church. As Christians we have the spirit of Jesus within us. This spirit, being the Holy Ghost is what controls us and make us more like Him. It make us lose less of our ungodly qualities- such as hatred, murder and fear and makes us have more of his Godly qualities such as love, joy, peace and compassion.

Since we are like Jesus then it means we are influenced by his person. This happens because he is the head. The head contains the brain which controls the body. The thoughts of the head have an impact on the body. It is the brain that tells the body that it is cold or warm outside. Anything that Jesus does has an effect on the body of Christ. Since it is his body it will affect him as well. If the body is in pain he will feel the pain. He will hurt himself if he judges his body too soon (you do not just give consent for an amputation if one part of your body is malfunctioning.) Who wants to hurt his own body? This is why the son is advocating to the father “please do not execute judgement yet. Give my body (the Church) time to change." The father will then say. “You are the head, so change the body to work in line with your thoughts.“

The influence of Jesus on the body of Christ is also similar to the influence of a Pastor on his ministry; a Managing Director on a company or a business owner on his enterprise. Each of those mentioned serve as the head while members of their organisations serve as the body. The body is controlled by the head. When the head takes a decision and effects it, it impacts the body.

The head, as an individual in this case, needs to be very careful. Each time a decision is taken he or she needs to understand that there are many people within his or her body that will be affected. Jesus as the head takes his subjects to heaven. Heaven represents a place of joy and pleasure. Many organisations set up structures that are heaven like - the closer you get to the top - the more perks you enjoy. The Head of the body can tells those interested in his company: “within my organisation I have many staff vacancies to fill. I am the head, while other members form the body of the organisation. Any decision that I take or any thing that I do will have an impact on the company. That is why I am careful with what I do.”

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