All material is not original, references include Soltau, The Tabernacle, Dean Weaver, The Testimony of Typology in the Tabernacle, Pink, Gleanings in Exodus

This evening we will begin our study on the Tabernacle, last week as you might remember we gave an introduction to the Tabernacle (dwelling place). Tonight we want to continue this study of one of the most detailed types concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember there are 50 chapters in the Bible that pertain to this subject. If my calculations are correct, there are 1189 chapters total in the Bible, and if 50 of the chapters contain the Tabernacle, just this one subject, this should verily show us the importance of this subject. Please pray with me concerning this study, the danger would be that of it becoming dull and difficult. We want you to enjoy this study, but more that it being enjoyable we would rather it be edifying. Remember this, the Tabernacle gives us the Way of Salvation, Work and Walk of the Servant, and the Worship of the Saint. These subjects are of great importance. Now the message:


1. The Message Delivered- "bring me an offering" (v. 2a)

a.) God spoke to Moses and Moses spoke to the people. Many accuse the preacher of always preaching on giving but let me remind you we are only giving you what God has given us.

b.) Your part is the listening, remember some learn by listening and some by lesson.

c.) Notice this was not Moses idea, man’s commentary on what God said, but exactly what God said, when God speaks man needs to listen.

2. The Men Designated- "of every man" (v. 2b)

a.) No one was exempt or excused because they were to poor to give or because they had nothing to give.

b.) You might say, "what if God hasn’t given them anything, but there are none to which God hasn’t given.

c.) God only ask them to bring what they had, and every man has something to give to God.

d.) This is how God intended for His work to be accomplished, through His people, no through bake sales, garage sales, but the offerings of the people. God doesn’t have beggars. (Phil. 4:19)

e.) When God’s sanctuary cannot be build with the offerings of God’s people, it must remained unfinished, and it is unfinished because of failure to give.

f.) Notice the problem they had in (Ex. 36:6-7) Moses had to stop them from giving, never have I seen or heard of this problem today.

3. The Manner Described- "of every man that giveth it willingly with his hear." (v. 2b)

a.) God does not force His will on anyone, He doesn’t want what you are not willing to give.

b.) The kind of giving Paul had in mind in (2 Cor. 9:7)

c.) Those who give willingly, give spontaneously, their heart guides their hands, to give gifts of love to His service.

d.) These were those who had:

1) With their eyes they had seen His glory

2) With their mouths they had tasted His goodness

3) With their feet they had followed His guidance

4) With their ears they had heard of His greatness

5) With their hands they had held His gifts

6) With their hearts they had felt His grace

e.) No wonder they were compelled to give.

f.) Giving is the natural result, when God touches the heart of man.

g.) Nothing he has is too good to give to God.

h.) Remember the Tabernacle speaks of Christ, His life for a Gift, His Love for God, and God’s gift of His only Son Jesus. Seldom a heart touched by God will refuse to give, to covet that which he has and not give.

i.) Men and women both contributed (Ex. 38:8) here we read the women gave their (mirrors) men gave their bracelets, earrings, rings, tablets, and all jewels of gold. Some might say what is wrong with men wearing necklaces and bracelets? We have to remember they have come out of Egypt (a picture of the world), thus these are a sign of worldliness.

j.) It can thus be said, the men and women of care more about the dwelling place of God than that of personal adornments. Can’t you just imagine the look from those who had given their jewelry to see one who hadn’t, the attention would be drawn off the tabernacle and place upon the people.

So the first type concerning the tabernacle was that of the willingness of Christ to give His life spurned from a heart of love for His Heavenly Father, we too as we recognize this great display of love God has for us and in return be willing to give our all for His service.

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