Summary: This message brings out the importance of taking worship to where God intended it to be, we need to stop allowing our minds to wander when it comes to worship

There are three things we must keep a check on when it comes to taking God seriously.

1. Keep a check on our worship

a. Worship comes from the Anglo Saxon word – Worthship

i. it means ‘worthiness.’ Ultimately it has come to mean to give value or meaning to something or someone.

ii. Ask your self how much is God worth to me?

iii. For me I cannot give God a value

1. It is beyond my grasp

2. The word Awesome comes to mind

a. We use the word awesome too liberally

b. To be struck in awe of and giving credit to the awe

b. We have defined worship by music and order of worship

i. How well dressed people are

ii. What songs we are singing

iii. How well the speaker system is working

iv. We discuss distractions in worship

v. Simply we have made worship about or worth and not of God’s worth

c. Solomon says in Verse 1 Walk Prudently or watch your step

i. God expects our entrance into worship to be about Him

ii. I am reminded of the song “We are standing on Holy Ground’

1. We caution children do not run in church

2. But we are quick to allow out mouth to run on about numerous things that simply do not give God worthship

iii. Worship is not man’s idea

1. Worship is God’s idea and plan

2. God is lifted up in worship

3. the only tearing down that takes place in worship is when satan is defeated in lives of people

4. Here is where worship begins

5. Holy Holy Holy

iv. How is satan torn down?

1. drawing near to God and Listening

2. God loves to hear our praise of him

3. I believe that more importantly He wants us to hear Him

4. For many of us Sunday mornings are the only time that we listen

5. The Sermon should be the most worshipful time of the entire service

a. This is where we apply what God is saying to us and live it everyday, every hour.

d. A fools sacrifice is when one comes on his own accord

i. Seeking to be in the limelight rater than God

ii. Sacrificing on the altar of gossip and dissention

e. Simply our Sunday worship should be what prepares us for our daily worship

2. Keep a check on your prayer life

a. Our walk with God is not like the game show “Let’s make a deal”

b. Verse 2 we see that God is in heaven

i. We talk to him and make deals with him like He is one of us.

ii. Solomon sets us straight on where god is and where we are in verse 2

iii. He is omnipresent – present in all places at all times – He is present on Earth and in Heaven at the same time.

iv. Omnipotent – having unlimited authority or unlimited power

v. Omniscient – being completely aware of every situation – He knows exactly what is going on in your life.

c. Stop personalizing God!!!!!! That is to make Him who you want Him to be . He is God and always will be God!!!!!

d. Verse 3 stop daydreaming about how you can physco-coerse God.

e. A powerful prayer is one tat is guided by the Holy Spirit of God

i. That is a prayer that is coming from the heart where Christ resides in you.

1. Selfish prayers will soon flee

ii. This type of prayer will flow from true worship

3. Keep a check on your heart

a. If you do make a deal with God you need to carry it out

i. God will not take lightly a false vow

1. Jesus said let your Yes be Yes and your No be No

2. Vows made among men are important but a vow made to God supersedes them all!!!

a. Does judgment and accountability strike a nerve?

b. A vow that each Christian made was in the Baptismal waters

i. Like the wedding vow we vowed before men and God to live according to his ways

c. We know that every action will be accountable before God.

i. We need to examine our worship.

Solomon closes verse 7 with the words But Fear God.

I feared my earthly father Not because he was spooky but because he guided out of care and disciplined me out of love.

God does all the more and deserves our ultimate worship.

How much is God worth to you?

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