Summary: Peter walked on water as he showed what faith’s substance is all about! It’s all because of the Lord’s invitation of"Come".And Peter got out of the boat took that first step... And the rest was an inspiration to everyone who will read the Bible.

Peter walked on water as he showed what faith’s substance is all about! It’s all because of the Lord’s invitation of "Come",and Peter got out of the boat and took that step... and the rest was an inspiration to everyone who will read the Bible. Let this story be an encouragement to everyone of you who is on the brink of hopelessness, an illumination to you who is at a lost on what is really God’s will on your life. I say to everyone who is present here today to just hear only Jesus’words and take that risk of stepping our of your boat... Miracle will happen to you, fainthearted ones into brave hearts!


We have a mindset of doubters than believers,whiners rather than speakers of truth in Jesus, losers rather than winners and followers more than leaders. We have been conditioned by our past, our cultures and environment that we have lost sight of WHO WE REALLY ARE IN THE SIGHT OF THE ONE WHO HAD LOVED US EVER SINCE THE FOUNDATION OF TIME!

Instead of eating at the family table,we just content ourselves with eating the crumbs on the floor, because we believe that, that is all we are designated to partake of.

The only thing that can remove us from that box of thinking is to HEAR THE MASTER’S WORD of "it’s all right, I am here! Don’t be afraid." No matter where you are right now or what your current circumstances are, eventually if you keep listening to Jesus’ words? You going to take charge of the situation because all you need is an entirely new mentality. Ain’t not the Apostle Paul exhorted in Philippians 2:5..."Let this mind be in you,which was also in Christ Jesus."

Victorious and not victims.

Over comers and not overcame.

There were 12 disciples in the boat, but only one overcame his fear and his mindset by acting on the word of Jesus.The adage of Jesus of;"many are called but few are chosen" rings to my mind here. In fact, only one experience the miracle to walk on water!

Dave Thomas,graduated from High School; working on somebody and decided to work by himself in a business. No money behind him. Started hamburger business and named it after his grand daughter’s.... and Wendy’s came into being and became a success in the food chain business. Just like Dave, just HEAR THE WORD and believe you can do it!

His Word still rings true today. For Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever...


This is where it divides most Christians. This is where men are separated from the boys. This where most believers chose to eat meat rather than to stay on milk or soft diets. Jesus wanted each one of us to experience the beauty of His fellowship. To walk in the truthfulness of miracles. Our only part is just to believe on His word. The father of the boy possessed by an evil spirit since birth have begged Jesus to have mercy and help them.The father said;"If you can?" Jesus asked;"What do you mean.’if I can?", anything is possible if a person believes"(Mark9:14-27NLT).There were 12 disciples also called apostles, but ONLY PETER experienced the benefit of the miracle of walking on water.

Let us remember always that hearing of the Word would show what matter of the heart the seed of the word is planted.By our response to the Word reveals the state of our hearts. My prayer therefore for everyone is to act positively on the power of the Lord’s Word.And from there; a step of miracle would ensue in our life. Spiritually,emotionally, physically and financially. A balanced blessing in our Christian walk, that is. God always wanted us to move in miracles. But many of us is just contented on hearing the Word.

If only we can take that first step?

We are afraid to take that risk. Many mishear,dismiss the Word of the Lord of;"do not be afraid, it is I"

Acting on the Word of our Lord is the second part of the word hear. Peter challenged the Lord...."Lord,if it’s really You, TELL ME TO COME TO YOU BY WALKING ON WATER"(v.28).He tested the authenticity of the supernatural happening that he is seeing. This is the beginning of true faith. The dawning of a miracle in Peter’s life. And Jesus answered the inquiry with another dare;"come". Peter is being ushered by Jesus from faith to another level of faith. From His miracle to Peter’s extraordinary feat.Risk in taking that first step is the price to pay for every success, for every miracle. Peter did that, God will also put you in a much good position to experience that miracle.

The same Jesus, the same challenge.

The same risk, the method of success.

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