3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This message talks about dealing with a difficult work situation in a godly way.

- Employers at a Detroit office found they were having a difficult time getting the job done so they posted the following notice on the employee bulletin board

"The management regrets that it has come to their attention that workers dying on the job are failing to fall down. This practice must stop, as it becomes impossible to distinguish between death and natural movement of the staff. Any employee found dead in the upright position will henceforth be dropped from the payroll."

- 50% of our time is spent at work

- Yet we never deal with Christians on-the-job.

- Many people love the church

- And hate life

- The church isn't meant to be a drug

- Taken once a week to get by

- The church should be training you to live life

- Many find a paradox or a battle between

o Work & worship

o Mary and Martha give us a picture

o A battle between two sisters

o Many times it is the battle between the two natures that dwell inside us

o And what do we do when

o Work & worship collide (Mary & Martha argue)

- Last week I gave 3 principles

- To apply on the job

- Not just the job but life

1. Appreciation Shouldn't Be Expected

2. Atmosphere Can't Be Changed to Positive By Using Negative

3. Achievement Brings Glory to God

4. Attitude Determines Your Altitude

- Don't let your environment get in you

- A ship can sail on the water & through the water

- But if you let the water get in the ship, it will sink

- If you allow that on the outside to get on the inside you will be overtaken

- Anytime the thing you're supposed to feed, starts to feed you...

- The ship is going down

EXAMPLE: Adam & Eve

- We are in the world but not of the world

- You've got to build up not get built up.

5. Anointing is for Tough Situations

- Smooth seas don't make skilled sailors

- Anointing oil is a picture of something that has been crushed

o Spices, olives

- When I was a kid I moved around

- Different environments...

1. West Coast -- California (Hells Angels -- Biker Rodeo)

2. Lumber jacks of Washington

3. Cajuns -- Louisiana

4. City -- Chicago

5. Hillbillies - Mississippi

- I never attended a school more than a year

- That brought God's anointing...

1. To relate to many cultures

2. To be able to change in a time and culture of change

- You will become more creative and anointed in a bad situation

- The Lord is a present help in a time of trouble

- Problems are job security -- that's what I do.

- There are people who wished they had the problems you've got

- They want a challenge

- Anointed = to be empowered

- You don't need power for nothing

- Problems are job security to people who have anointing

- There is always a problem

6. Adapt to Different Personalities

- You've got to learn how to work with a multitude of personalities

o It's interesting that after God made your personality all the rest were mistakes

ƒÝ Four Personality Types:

Sanguine Personality:

* Inspirational

* Influencer

* Expressive

* Popular

* Socially oriented

* Enjoys life

* Optimistic

* Friendly

* Compassionate

* Extrovert

* Fun

* Outgoing/Outspoken

Choleric Personality:

* Determined

* Dominate

* Driven

* Power

* Goal oriented

* Strong-willed

* Practical

* Leader

* Optimistic

* Decisive

* Outspoken/Outgoing

* Organized

Phlegmatic Personality:

* Steadfast

* Steady

* Amiable

* Have friends

* Don't hurt feeling

* Huggy, huggy

* Peace

* Golden retriever

* Relationship oriented

* Witty

* Dependable

* Efficient

* Neat

* Good natured

* Practical

* Purpose driven

* Strong-willed

Melancholy Personality:

* Dreamer

* Sensitive

* Conscientious

* Compliant

* Analytic

* Perfect

* Task oriented

* Perfectionist

* Faithful friend

* Self sacrificing

* Creative -- genius

* Organized

* Artistic

* Emotional

- Or you will limit your range of success ( 25%)

- You've got to be able to have a work relationship with people in public

- That you wouldn't have in private

- If you only work with people you like / or that like you

- You will be very limited

- Fishing with a net or a hook

- Willing to have relationships in public that we might not have in private

- Enlarging your circle of love

- God will often bless you through people you don't get along with!

- Because God's blessings aren't predicated upon personalities

- Nehemiah's king didn't love God

o But because of a professional relationship

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