Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series "Pot Holes". What is God "schooling" you on?

Sunday Morning July 12, 2009

Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: Pot Holes [#3]


1 Samuel 11:1-12:25


I want you to think about a time when you went somewhere for the first time- Maybe a new Church, a new school, a new job, etc… You had to figure out things quickly, you had to take a “crash course”. That’s how I learned to drive a “stick shift”. I jumped and bounced all over town until I could learn how to drive that car.

On this week of VBS, there has been some people that took a “crash course” in teaching or working with children. What does it mean to take a “crash course”? It means that you don’t have a lot of time to learn something new. It means that you may have to learn as you go.

There are many times that God gives us a “crash course”, and as long as we follow Him we will be o.k.; but as soon as we start guessing we will end up hitting a pothole. Saul went back to his father’s farm and said nothing about being made king. Life went on as usual until one day when the enemy approached and the Nation of Israel faced a crisis. This was Saul’s time of testing- His “crash course” was beginning.

1 Samuel 11:1-6

God gives us a “crash course” by allowing…

1. The enemy to attack. When the enemy attacks, how do you react?

You can…

* Give up. That is what these people were going to do until they were told they would have to not just be the enemies’ slave but also be humiliated by them.

* Go look for help. Sometimes we need someone to help us through.

* Declare war on the enemy. When Saul heard what happened, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him in power and Saul got angry. It’s o.k. to get angry- Jesus did. The Bible says not to sin in our anger.

1 Samuel 11:7-11

You ought to underline verse 7. “Then the terror of the LORD fell on the people, and they turned out as one man.” When God molds us together as one, the enemy will always be defeated!

1 Samuel 11:12-13

God gives us a “crash course” by allowing…

2. The people to talk. After the victory, all of a sudden Saul has friends and followers. There were some people that wanted to remind Saul about those troublemakers over in 1 Samuel 10:26-27. They had some advice for Saul- Maybe he should go round them up and kill them.

When you are given advice, how do you react?

You can…

* Follow it. We need to consider the advice of others, but don’t start doing things until you have bathed it in prayer and considered the consequences of your decision.

* Ignore it. At first glance this sounds like the right thing in this situation; but we all need to be open to hear what others have to say. Acting like it never happened will not solve the problem.

* Correct it. Saul simply shut it down. He corrected them and reminded them that God had saved them from the enemy.

In 1 Samuel 11:14, we read that Saul’s kingship was reaffirmed, they sacrificed fellowship offerings to God, and then they held a great celebration. In chapter 12, Samuel begins to preach a very important sermon to them. In this sermon, you can find 3 distinct points:

#1: The testimony of Samuel. “Did I steal, or cheat, or bribe, etc…”?

#2: The testimony of God. He reminded them of how God saved them and what would happen when they would turn from God.

#3: The testimony of the Word. God spoke by sending thunder and rain. He speaks to us through showing us His power.

1 Samuel 12:14-25

God gives us a “crash course” by allowing…

3. The Word to warn you The Word of God will show you your choices and your consequences for those choices. Samuel reminded the people that they had some responsibilities to fulfill. Just because Saul had won a victory didn’t mean that everything was completed- In fact this trip was just beginning.

In order to avoid potholes you must…

* Fear God.

* Serve God.

* Obey God.


To this point, Saul had done well; but we will see Saul taking his eyes off the road and hitting potholes. Why, because he stopped following God.

How are you doing when you take a “crash course”?

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