Summary: In this text Paul addresses the subject of marriage and sex.



INTRODUCTION: Dr. Drew. Dr. Ruth. Dr. Sue. Dr. Phil. They’re all talking about it. Everybody is. What? Sex! Don’t you think it’s time the Christian/church started talking it? Why should the church talk about it? Because God had a lot to say about the subject. After all, He created it. Besides, if we don’t teach our children Biblical facts, the world will teach them boldface lies. The church should be the leading voice when it comes to a family life curriculum/sex education courses.

We talk gladly about God’s grace. We talk loudly about His love. We talk proudly abut His peace. Why not talk simply and sensibly about the subject of sex. It is one of His many blessings.

In this text Paul addresses the subject of marriage and sex. There is only one legitimate place for sex and that’s in the context of the marriage relationship. Keep in mind that many in Corinth, who had come to Christ, were having a difficult time overcoming their previous lifestyles (including sexual promiscuity). We all bring a great deal of “baggage” into the new life! Corinth was saturated with immorality which didn’t make it any easier for the new Christians. With all the temptations that came from “sex in the city”, Paul saw the need to give proper instructions with regards to the subject of sex.

The following outline, and some thoughts, were borrowed form my preaching professor in New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Harold Bryson. Dr. Bryson taught me much and to him I am both indebted and grateful.

I. The Various Functions of Sex

Sex was God’s idea. He designed it for two functions.

A. Procreation: See Gen. 1:27-28. God ordained sex to produce children. If it wasn’t for sex you wouldn’t be where you are reading this!

B. Pleasure: Sex is not something to be endured but enjoyed. Sexuality is His gift to us. Some don’t enjoy it because of unresolved guilt due to immoral behavior before marriage. Many are confused, misled and pharisaical with regards to the issue. Note Paul says each spouse has a responsibility to their marriage partner.

II. The Variety of Failures of Sex

Many have abused and distorted God’s gift. Some failures happen:

A. Outside the Relationship (see v.1-2): Outside the relationship it’s “sick sex”. We’re talking here about adultery, fornication, and homosexuality. Also included would be incest and child abuse (I Cor. 6:9).

“Touch” = (v.1). It means physical union. Paul was not anti-marriage. He didn’t think it to be the lesser of two evils. I Cor. 7:26 is a key verse. The desire for an intimate relationship is normal in both men and women. Sexual fulfillment is a valid reason for marriage. However, God prohibits sexual activity outside of marriage. That may sound old-fashioned and insane in a world growing looser in morals and more tolerant of “anything goes”, but God’s word remains clear and constant.

B. Within the Relationship (v.3-5): Note the responsibility each partner has. Some questioned the issue that since they had become Christians should they abstain from intimate relations, (asceticism). Note Paul’s advice. We have a threefold responsibility.

1. Recognize its place and don’t neglect it (v.3): Sex is not a concession but a debt. It’s not a right to be earned or a reward to be given but a responsibility to be looked after.

2. Recognize that mates have rights to each others bodies (v.4): Don’t say no unless you have a good reason.

3. Refraining must be by mutual consent (v.5): Those times should be brief. Don’t use sex as a weapon.

III. The Valuable Fulfillment of Sex

Fulfillment happens:

A. Only in Marriage: See Heb. 13:4. Outside, it brings tremendous guilt. It will bring frustration, boredom and despair.

B. When it is an Expression of Love: Sex itself is a language all its own.

CONCLUSION: Everybody’s talking about it – even God! He knows what He’s talking about. He created it!

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