Summary: What is true repentance.


INTRODUCTION: John’s preaching cost him his head. He came out of the wilderness preaching repentance. Repentance is one message that is hated by a sin loving


1. TEARS. “For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ.” Philippians 3 18

Children and actors can summon tears at any time…

2. TREMBLING “And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season I will call for thee.” Acts 24:25.

A guilty conscience is not repentance.

3. TRYING TO DO BETTER: “For Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man and an holy, and observed him; and when he heard him, he did many things, and heard him gladly.” Mark 6:20

Sinners often treat ministers and Christians kindly, and do much to make them comfortable, and hear them gladly, while they are still unwilling to do the thing which is demanded of them - to repent and believe the gospel.


1. AN HONEST CONFESSION: “I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father I have sinned against heaven and before thee.” Luke 15:18.

2. AN HONEST SORROW FOR SIN: “Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.” Matthew 3:8. (worthy of)

3. AN HONEST FORSAKING OF SIN: “And he arose and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and ran, and fell on his neck and kissed him.” Luke 15:20.


1. CHURCHES SHOULD REPENT: “Remember therefore from whence thou are fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” Revelation 2:5.

2. BACKSLIDERS SHOULD REPENT: “Turn, O backsliding you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion.” Jeremiah 3: 14.

3. SINNERS SHOULD REPENT: “I tell you, nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” Luke 13:3 . . . “but He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” II Peter 3:9.

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