Summary: Football (church) Team Meeting telling the team the expectations of the Owner (GOD) and the coaching staff (Church Leadership-Pastors) for the new season.

Team Meeting of the Minnehaha Saints

Enter auditorium dressed as a football coach

This last week I was talking to the Owner and General Manager of the team

And he told me to call this team meeting today

To tell you about some of His plans for the team in the up coming season

· Introduce Coaching Staff (Elders, deacons and pastoral staff)

· Owner purchased your contract from the Hades Demons

· Owner is committed to having a winning team

Today I want to talk to you about another one of the Owner’s teams: Israel

Sometimes called the Lions of Judah

This story is found in your playbook (Bible)

The Scouting Report (Story of Sending out the Spies in the Land of Canaan)

Now I told you about that team to help you understand some of the Owner’s plans

· There is going to be some changes around here

· We are out of shape: That is going to change (exercise our faith . . .)

· Study the playbook, know it inside and out!

· We are going to be developing a new offense and defense, to take advantage of our Owner’s recent trades and draft choices. (Make changes in ministries and programs to use the giftedness of people God has called to this ministry)

· That means that you are going to have to learn some new plays

· Coaching staff needs to repent: Not allow the crowd to dictate the play calling (stop trying to do what people think and want - be faithful to do what we believe God wants us to do)

· The Owner reminded me that I work for him not the crowd!

· All free agents need to sign on to the team. (Join the Church)

· Players on the sidelines need to be cheering the team on - encouraging them

Not grumbling, whining or complaining about other players or the coaching staff.

· Need team leaders to stand up and like Joshua and Caleb

Cris Carter and Randy Moss (Veteran – Rookie mentoring one another)

Formal and informal (leadership)

We need you to work with our rookies (discipleship)

To encourage the team and other players to enter the Promised Land

· Point of reference (looking forward)

· Our future is in the Promised Land not in the past!

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