Summary: God is concerned for his children and is moved by their broken hearts

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Tears are a language that God understands

John 11:32-44

One day when I was a fourteen year old teenager, I came across a letter in a Bible that my grandmother had on her bookshelf that was written and mailed from Morocco Africa in March of 1965. It was a letter from my 22 year old daddy written to my mother and the five month old son he had never seen that stands before you today. As he poured out his heart to the woman he loved and missed stationed in dark and dangerous country, I was able to see a side of my father that I’d never known before. My grandmother let me keep that letter and one day I showed it to my mother and she began to cry as she remembered the time and pointed out to me the tearstains on that letter, some of them were hers and the others were my father’s. At that time in their lives, tearstains on a letter spoke more to the heart of my mother than any written or spoken words ever could.

Tears speak more about what our hearts feel than any words could ever express. Those tiny drops of humanity that tumble from our eyes, creep down our cheeks and splash on the floors of our heart sometimes carry the message that our hearts ache and hurt. Tears are the messengers that sometimes substitute for our crippled words and spill forth carrying with them our deepest emotions. A tearstain on a letter speaks more than words ever could, Amen? A tear falling on a casket says what a spoken farewell never could, Amen? What summons a mother’s compassion and concern more quickly than a tear on the cheeks of her child? What gives more support than the tears on the face of a friend as we pour out our troubles to them? What do we do when the words just won’t come out right as all the nouns and verbs and adverbs and adjectives lay deflated at our feet? When even the loftiest statements seem empty, what do we do?

Beloved I want to tell you that Tears are a language that God understands! From the text we’ve just looked at we see that the Son of God, The Blessed Redeemer, The one who has the Power to wash away Sin has just entered the town and Martha has met him to tell him it’s too late: Lazarus is already dead! There is no mention of Martha moving Jesus by her conversation and her questions nor is there any mention of Martha pouring out her soul in His presence. No mention of that happening with Martha but with Mary it was a different story, wasn’t it?

1. Mary fell at the feet of the One she knew held the future and wept! She poured out her heart to the One who could make the difference and moved God to work in her circumstances.

The scripture says that Jesus was moved by the heartbreak of their souls and that His Spirit groaned inside him and He was troubled.

2. How many of us are moved by the heartbreak of our children or some disappointment that crushes their little souls?

Won’t we also move to do all within our power to help them and ease the pain? Show me a mother that won’t help her children when their hurt and I’ll show you someone who shouldn’t have children. As parents we do all within our power to make it alright or to put it in layman’s terms, WE MOVE TO KISS THE BOBO! * Come here baby and let mommy kiss it and make it all better and as their tears fall our souls are troubled also at their pain.

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