Summary: This is the 2nd sermon I preached in a series that God lead me to call Empowering The Vision Series. The Series will Bless you to not to give up on the Visions that God has giving you.

Television (Tell- A-Vision)

Joel 2:28

Pastor Lorenzo Edwards

New St. Paul Baptist Church

The average American home now has more television sets than people. That threshold was crossed within the past two years, according to Nielsen Media Research. There are 2.73 TV sets in the typical home and 2.55 people, the researchers said.

With televisions now on buses, elevators and in airport lobbies, cars and in every home in America and most countries around the world. that has as much to do with TV’s popularity. And with flat-screen TVs now make it easy to put sets where they haven’t been before. It is estimated that The average person watches four hours, 35 minutes of television each day, Nielsen said. But have you ever wondered who vision it was to come up with the Television?

It was a young man by the name of Philo Farnsworth who was Born in a log cabin and raised to work hard in the fields, young Farnsworth was fascinated by electrons and electronics, and convinced his science teacher to let him sit in on a senior level electronics course. Farnsworth was just a fourteen year old high school student when he came up with the idea that an electron beam could scan pictures back and forth and transmit them to remote screens- in other words, he thought up of what we know today as the Television!

Farnsworth had a vision at a young age. He pursued that vision. And he wanted everyone in the world to see his vision. So what better name to call it but tell a vision

When he was 21 and living in California with his wife, Philo Farnsworth gathered financial supporters and set about figuring out how his invention would work. He was able to figure it out, as he knew he would, and set about patenting various aspects of the invention.

Unfortunately a Russian immigrant named Vladimir Zworykin, PhD had the same idea at the same time. He made a patent application in 1923 for the same kind of tube for transmitting electronic data. His employer, David Sarnoff at RCA didn’t want to pay Farnsworth a royalty on the invention and took him straight to court.

Although Zworykin had a patent, there was no evidence he’d made a working transmitter from the design. Farnsworth’s old teacher, Justin Tolman testified on his behalf that not only did he invent the Television. while studying under him in high school, Tolman still had the drawings he made of it!

RCA lost, appealed and lost again, and eventually agreed to pay Farnsworth royalties on the invention. WWII came and production of Television sets was halted to support the war effort. By then Farnsworth’s patents were almost expired. RCA snapped them up the moment it could, leaving Farnsworth in the lurch as it launched a publicity campaign touting Sarnoff and Zworykin as the inventors of television!

Now RCA is one of the biggest Television makers in the USA. You can not step in a store that sells T.V’s and not find a TV that is made from RCA. RCA could not wait for young Farnsworth to slip up on the vision that he had. As soon as they seen that the patent was about to expire. They snatch up his Vision.

And I am here to tell some one today that the enemy is waiting for your vision to expire he is waiting for you to give up on your dreams. The things that you thought up as a young man or women. He wants you to let them expire. He wants you to say that is to late. He wants you to say that you can not make it. He wants you to say that you quit. Because as soon as you give up, he is waiting to take the vision that God has given you, and he is ready to steal kill and destroy.

It is said that, Life went down hill for poor Philo Fransworth. After RCA stole his vision. He sunk into depression and alcohol abuse, spent time in psychiatric hospitals and underwent shock treatments. Farnsworth didn’t allow television viewing in his home. He said there was nothing good on it that was worthwhile.

I tell you when your vision is taken from you. When everything that you dream of is stolen and some one walks away with your dreams and vision and your riches. It will drive you to a point that life don’t seem to matter. It will drive you to a point that you just don’t care any more. Like Farnsworth after RCA walked away with his dreams he fell deep into depression. Because of what he worked on every since he was just 14 years old was now taking from him. And I want to ask some one who is sitting in this house today. What vision has God giving you, since you was a young man or a young women are you going to wait until it is lost and find yourself depressed, find your self in a mental ward. Or are you going to pick up yourself by the boot strapped and tell the devil that you can not kill my dreams you can not steal my visions , I am going to walk in the fullness of God and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord?

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