Summary: Learning to say no in the face of temptation and learning to keep Satan from getting a foot hold in our lives

Temptation Island

James 1:12-15


(Hand out Hawaiian leis when people come in)

Watching TV one night a commercial came on for a new type of game show while showing an exotic island the announcer says: “6 couples put true love to the ultimate test on Temptation Island.” I thought to myself couples are putting there love to the ultimate test by putting themselves on an island to be tempted “That’s just stupid” and TRUE love is not tested by putting yourself through temptation. True love is resisting temptation, fleeing from the devil, Jesus told us to pray “lead us not into temptation” and yet 6couples are going there willingly. The Word tells us to resist the devil and these couples are told to embrace him. The Word of God has a different take on what the testing of true love is. In John 15:13 Jesus said “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” And I don’t think anyone on that island did that. Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted He endured and resisted and the devil fled. Jesus tells us to pray that we don’t go through that and James tells us to endure if tempted and gain the victory. (James1:12-15) James speaks to us about temptation about the endurance of temptation when confronted with it. He tells us about God’s role regarding temptation. And he shows us the cycle that temptation and sin has in our lives.

I. You need to understand How to Endure Temptation

a) Self control

i) Enduring temptation is not the easiest thing in the world to do

ii) when you have something that is before you that you want or lust for

iii) When you have the opportunity to indulge, resistance does not seem to be in our immediate vocabulary

iv) Or at least it is one that is disconnected

v) When one of Focus on the Families senior members was caught in an affair the person was questioned by another and they said didn’t you know of the consequences didn’t you hear the alarm bells ringing? And the reply was yes, but I just disconnected the wires.

vi) When enduring temptation there is one place on our hearts and souls that we must deal with and you must come to grips with if you are going to endure

vii) God will not make you resist temptation. He is not in the “making people do anything” business. He can manipulate situations and harden hearts, but He does not make anyone do anything.

viii) There is something in the fruit of the spirit that we fail to recognize as one of our biggest assets to enduring through temptation and that is Self Control

ix) Self control involves SELF. It involves you making a move or a step towards resistance

x) Luke 4:1-13 How Jesus did not react

(1) He didn’t whine in and on how He was being attacked by Satan

(2) He didn’t dwell on the temptation

(3) Jesus didn’t dwell on the temptation or make it a matter of discussion With Satan Jesus changed the subject to the Word of God rather than focusing on the temptation

xi) (Matt 5:27-30) Jesus talks about do some drastic things

(1) What He is saying “is take drastic measure to get your mind off of the sin or the temptation”

(2) Run out of the room screaming…it’s better

(3) Call a friend… it’s better

(4) Take drastic measures to avoid the sin

(5) Most of us have not reached a point of Hebrews 12:4 You have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin.

xii) What are your plans when tempted?

(1) Do you have a plan of escape

(2) Wouldn’t it be nice as soon as you accepted Christ there was a force field around you

(3) You should develop a personal defense system that will protect you

xiii) Satan tried to give Jesus power Jesus tried to give Satan a Bible lesson

xiv) Satan is waiting for “an opportune time” Luke 4:13

b) Approved by God

i) Don’t you have a desire to be Approved by God through the tests that He brings your way or by withstanding temptations, enduring through them when confronted and resisting when it grabs your wrist

c) The crown of LIFE

i) And after that endurance you arrive in the winners circle and you will receive the crown of life for it is reserved for you for those that love Him

II. You need to understand God’s responsibility regarding temptation

a) You are Never Tempted by God

i) God doesn’t tempt us, but He may test us

ii) God does not tempt us with something that He wants us to stay away from

iii) He tests us with something He wants us to grow from

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