Summary: Imagine being in Agra and bypassing the Taj! Imagine being a born again Christian and bypassing the tent of meeting with God! Scores do it, though.

Tent of meeting!

Exodus 33:7 Now Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.” Anyone inquiring of the LORD would go to the tent of meeting outside the camp.”

Imagine being in Agra and bypassing the Taj! Imagine being a born again Christian and bypassing the tent of meeting with God! Scores do it, though. Some hearts are rocky, some are thorny but let the hearts be a good soil to absorb the Word! Let the Lord unlock the things that is blocking the Word and let every reader be nourished through today’s message is my prayer.

It is sad scenario that all of us have a place for a tread mill, washing machine, fridge and all the other modern gadgets and even for gazebos – these are roofed structure that offer an open view of the surrounding area, used for relaxation or entertainment – I have seen these in many luxury homes, but alas, we have forgotten - no, no, ignored to set up a tent for God! Are you listening? To disengage ourselves from our busy schedule to spend time with God is of pivotal importance!

Observe the above scripture, Moses pitched the tent outside the camp and called it the ‘tent of meeting!’ In the previous chapter we see the people of Israel commit the most heinous crime of making a golden calf and worshiping it with abominable dancing. They had incurred the wrath of God! As a leader, Moses knew the importance of now going to God for mercy and forgiveness, hence, he took the initiative of pitching the tent and also being an example by going into the tent himself. Dad and Mom! Listen! It is not enough you earn plenty, open a bank account for your kids, do a survey of the best educational institution for your kids – the most predominant thing is to pitch the tent in your home and teach them to pray. Are you listening? Do you have family prayer? I started the effort in my home, I fixed a time in the morning and evening, no matter what the emergency may be, we gather in the living room for prayer. We worship, share testimonies and also a Word is shared in the family gathering, I can say that this prayer is what has kept us strong and steady in the midst of all the chaos and sufferings in the tough path of ministry and relocation of our family.

Besides our various other ministries, the ABIDE PUBLIC SCHOOL that deals with providing education and serving as a ‘half-way home’ for less privileged children, has been a daunting project; even though I had to be in the school as early as 6.30 am in the morning to supervise work at school, I was aggressively determined to spend an hour in prayer and Bible reading before I leave home. At times, the kids would get rebellious and there are times they would cry ceaselessly, it is only my time in prayer that has helped me handle the affairs of our ministry. The needs of our life should be met from His presence!

There is fatigue, depression, anxiety, loss of purpose, loss of hope, anger, disillusionment, confusion, disorientation, spiritual warfare and just about everything is hovering over the heads of people – BECAUSE – you have not pitched a tent in your home/office/work sport for God. When I went to the clinic one day, I saw the doctor kneel down and pray in her room. There are muslims and hindus prostrating before their gods before they start the day, but the Christians are yawning with their jaws hitting the table before they start work. Hypocrites! White washed tombs are the names that I give for the lazy Christians! You are welcome to throw rocks at me!

James 4:8:”Come near to God and he will come near to you…!’

Let this message be a red flag for you!

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