Summary: We are witnesses to God. God loves the witnesses.

John 1:6-8 WITNESSES


The Christians use the word witnesses very often. The secular world and other religions use for the purpose of establishing the Truth. The dictionary meaning is “Individuals who provide evidence in legal proceedings before a tribunal. Persons who give testimony under oath in court, concerning what they have seen, heard, or otherwise observed”. All witnesses, however, must submit to cross-examination, which means being questioned by the opposing party. We witness what we have received, experienced and enjoyed in life as Christians. What does it mean when Jesus said that “ye be my witnesses” (Ac.1:8)?

1. Personal Testimony

We tell stories of our Life with little exaggerations-lies-add sweetness-stories of interest (Pr.14:5 Truthful witness or false witness).

Our aims many at times are not for to bring glory but to show that how I am better than others (Pr.20:6 Speak not of your generosity). “Tell what is what” and Nothing else (Mt.5:37). If you tell lies, your father is Satan (Jn. 8:44). Keep your lips from lies (Ps.34:13). Instead of God’s interventions we bring peoples involvement. Instead of becoming God’s disciples we surrender to men’ designs. Rm. 2:15 says our conscience is the main attested. It judges the thoughts whether good or bad. The hearts are full of Deceit (Jer. 17:9). God calls us to be His witnesses (Is.43:10, Jn. 15:27). Witnesses of what you have heard and seen (Ac.22:15). Rm.3:13 says they are vipers, liars, deceitful men. God hates the Hypocrisy (Mt.23:23,25,27,33).

2. Testimony of Men

Pilate said in Jesus, “he could find no fault” (Jn.19:6). The king Darius said “Daniel was worshiping God without ceasing” (Dan.6:16,20). Esau said about Jacob “as Fraud and deceiver” (Gen.27:36). The people who have good credibility was chosen to be deacons (Ac.6:3,5). Paul says that Timothy made good confession (1 Tim.6:12). Enoch was known as “God’s Beloved’ before his death (Heb.11:5).

3. God’s Testimonials

God witnesses in heavens (Job 16:19). God knows what is in the heart of men (Jn. 2:25). Abel was called as “Righteous man” (Heb.11:4). Abraham as ‘Prophet and Prayer warrior” (Gen.20:7). God said about Moses as “Faithful” (Nu12:7). Caleb as man of “integrity” (Nu.14:24). John the Baptist as “Burning Lamp” (Jn. 5:36). Job as “God fearing man” (Job1:1,8).

The centurion was called the “great believer” (Lk.7:9). Antipas was “faithful witness” (Rev.2:13). Ac 9:11 says God said to Ananias that “Saul was praying”. But Ananias was biased about Saul (Ac. 9:12-14). He never believed the repentance of Saul; he was not converted to accept the new converts.

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