Summary: Committed Christians receive the Gospel, become followers of Christ, serve as an example to others, and share the Word with those they meet.

Thank God for Committed Christians

Text: 1 Thessalonians 1:1 – 10


Thank God for committed Christians!

Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy were committed Christians, and they gave thanks to God because of the committed Christians in Thessalonica. (vv. 2 – 4)

Because of committed Christians, the Gospel was preached to the Gentiles, making a way for us to be saved.

Because of committed Christians, we have a Bible that we can read and understand in our own language.

Because of committed Christians, we have a church building to worship in this morning.

Because of committed Christians, most of you are Christians today.

Becoming a committed Christian takes time and effort.

I. You have to receive the Gospel before you can become a follower of Christ. (v. 5)

a. The Gospel is presented through preaching

b. The Gospel is presented through power

c. The Gospel is presented through the Holy Spirit

d. The Gospel is presented through assurance

II. You have to be a follower of Christ before you can be an example to others. (v. 6)

a. Followers experience affliction

b. Followers experience joy

III. You have to be an example to others before you can share the Gospel effectively. (v. 7)

a. Examples to those who know you (Macedonia)

b. Examples to those who don’t know you (Achaia)

IV. You have to share the Gospel with others so that they can believe. (v. 8)

a. They need to turn from their sins (v. 9)

b. They need to wait for the Lord to return (v. 10)


What would be possible or who might be saved if you were committed as a Christian?

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