Summary: A mistake is only a mistake if we don’t learn from it. We need to start allowing stumbling blocks to become stepping stones.• We should never fall backwards We should instead fall forward. We grow in our wisdom when we allow mistakes to become lessons.

Thank you God for the Broken Road Psalms 73:1-73:28

Last week as we were worshipping

• a man entered a Baptist church in Maryville Il

• And shot the senior pastor in mid-sermon and then stabbing two churchgoers.

• The pastor had stood on an elevated platform delivering his sermon about finding happiness in the workplace,

• Pastor Winters deflected the first of the gunman's four rounds with a Bible,

• And then managed to run halfway down the sanctuary's side aisle before collapsing.

• Worshippers initially thought it was a skit,

Pastor Winters was described as a bold pastor in sharing his faith

• And that he would want his death to be an opportunity for everyone

• To hear that there is hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

A Message issued by the church said

• Please pray for Dr. Winter’s family, our two brave members

• Who were injured when they stopped the assailant,

• Pray for the assailant himself and his family,

• And pray for our church members as they deal with this tragic loss.

• In this day, where uncertainty seems to create an environment in which

• People are vulnerable in doing things they might not otherwise do,

• One thing is certain, we, as human beings need a foundation upon which we can live our lives.

• We at First Baptist Maryville, along with other Christian believers,

• Share this conviction: that foundation is God’s Word.

• In the pages of the Bible, we find the pathway for peace, hope, and a quality of living life despite what circumstances we find ourselves in.

• To those who believe in the power of prayer, we covet your prayers right now.

It’s obvious that in todays world things have gotten out of hand

• The Maryville incident comes on the heels of a shooting in July in Knoxville, Tenn., that killed two people and wounded seven.

• In December 2007, at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo.,

• A man with a gun entered a church concert for teens, Killed one and wounded two before being shot and killed by a security guard.

• In March 2005 in Waukesha, Wis.,

• A gunman entered the Living Church of God’s service at a local hotel.

• He fired 22 shots, killing seven and wounding four before turning the gun on himself.

So the question that we find ourselves asking is

• How could this happen

• Why would God allow this to happen

• Is God even there and is He paying attention to what’s going on down here

Right now, someone- somewhere needs to know that God loves them,

• They also need to know that we love them,

• I believe that everything God does is for a purpose.

• Every time God meets us here it’s for a reason.

• I believe there is someone here today who is struggling with something

• And that something seems to be winning.

Sometimes life’s problems seem bigger than we are.

• A lot of times we feel like a squirrel fighting a lion.

• But it’s during these hard times,---- these life testing times

• That we are taught the lessons in life that we come to value the most.

If it weren’t for the broken road I had to go down

• I wouldn’t be where I am today.

• Loneliness, Rejection, Addictions

• All these things led to a point where I was looking for answers

• The need for answers led me to Christ.

• And Christ led me to the three things that I have come to love most in my life

• Jesus,.. My Wife,… And my ministry.

Another lesson that God has taught me,

• Is that now that I have learned to embracing the broken road

• It doesn’t matter where you are on the time line of your life,

• It doesn’t matter when you surrender your will to God,…

• He will use your past struggles to prepare you to be the person

• That He has planned for you to be

Why?... because God’s plan for your life isn’t subject to a time line,

• You can be 66 years old and surrender your life.

• And God can take your past stumbling blocks

• And turn them into stepping stones.

• You just have to change your perspective of your past.

• You have to change the way you look at it

• And then we can use these past struggles

• As God’s way of equipping us for the future that He has planned.

God has blessed each one of us

• So that we can be a blessing to others.

• You just never know where a person is in their life

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