Summary: A sermon looking at how we should be thankful that we are free becaue of God

Thank God I’m Free!

Amy Fisher & Mary Jo Buttafuco

Everyone is so concerned with their freedom

The Christian has some freedom as well

Dispel the Christian freedom myths

Trouble in the Galatian Church

No Longer Under the Law 5:1-12

You don’t have to win, earn, God’s acceptance!

Robert C. Roberts quote

Circumcision = bondage, law, works

Are you living with a checklist?

Pray, 10 commandments, etc.

People say, “I haven’t been going to church”

That’s a reflection of you


Don’t Live However You Want 5:13-15

We are not to indulge in the flesh- v. 13

Freedom from sin, not to sin

Don’t wallow in our selfishness

People proclaim freedom loudly

Slaves to their own appetites

V. 24- crucify the flesh

Holy Spirit’s fruit will ripen, v. 22-23

Can’t have these fruits if you’re living for self

We are not to exploit our neighbor- v. 13b, 15

We have to consider what’s good for others

We are not to use them

We are to respect them and serve them

Service, not selfishness

Free to God, slaves to each other

End result- v. 15

Love is constructive- v. 22

Patient, kind, good

When haven’t you responded in love?

We are not to disregard the law- v. 14

By loving, we are fulfilling the Law

Free from the demands of the Law

Acceptance not based on your checklist

Christ took care of this already

We will keep the law out of love

Church example

If we love, we are obeying the law

What do you have to understand?

There is a balance between Law and License

You aren’t under the Law

But you aren’t free to do whatever you want

Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank God I’m Free!

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