Summary: God provides us with partners for ministry just as He provided Paul the Philippian church

Thankful Partnerships

Philippians 1.3-11

October 26, 1997

Morning Service


I. Paul’s Partners

A. Paul’s thankfulness: Paul gives thanks - thankful for the Philippians, establishes a warm tone to the letter, he is thankful to God, his statement was not pattern, no stereotype, Paul’s persistence in thanks - thanked God on remembrance, the whole memory was good,

B. Paul’s joy in partnership: Paul prays with joy - fullness, completeness and a sweetness, prayer is joyful even in rough times, lifts them up in prayer, Paul’s joy stems out of partnership - partnership is implied by Koinonia: Greek word for fellowship, this fellowship and partnership is two way, first with Christ then with one another, their partnership proves their godly living, From day 1 to present - letter is 10 years after the church was founded, Lydia and the jailer worked with Paul, since the Philippian gifts and partnership continued: Thessolonica, Corinth and current with Ephroditous,

C. Paul’s confidence: Christ is at work - Christ began the work and will continue to work, process of perfecting them, working and causing spiritual growth, Christ will complete the work - work will get done, fullness of spiritual growth and discipleship, salvation is the guaruntee, Christ will return - Jesus promised to come back, His work is not done until then, Jesus will be faithful and finish what is started, nothing can stop this work

II. Paul’s Pulsebeat

A. Paul’s personal feelings: Paul had a closeness - special relationship, Paul was beaten for this church, Paul founded the Philippian church with his blood, Philippians took a share in Paul’s work and imprisonment, his problems were their problems, Paul had a depth - Heart: not just warm feelings but part of the inner most being, commitment with love and compassion,

B. Philippian share: Paul’s work to advance the gospel - Paul was open about being Christian, big risk in Roman society, due to persecution, Philippians aligned with Paul, shared the work & risk, All who were believers - Paul addresses the letter to saints, fellow believers took a share in ministry, partners with Paul, Share in grace - all believers share grace, work was evidence of grace, united in Christ and united by grace

C. Paul’s longing for the people: Paul’s testiomony - God knows his heart, Paul deeply loves these people, focus on the common bonds, Paul longs for Philippian church - Paul wants to be with them, personal fellowship, build up relationship, Paul loves with love of Christ - Deeper than human emotion, not personal love: godly love, selfless love from Christ,

III. Paul’s Prayer

A. Deeper Love: More & deeper love - Deeper love for God & one another, love that overflows into all areas of life, not focused in emotion and sentiment but in Christ, Love in knowledge - overflow into daily living, the knowledge of God & His ways, builds a stronger fellowship, Love in depth of insight - overflow of love in discernment, insight into personal words & actions, this effects and builds fellowship,

B. Deeper Holiness: Love leads to discernment - Differentiate: vital & trivial, right & wrong, healthy & dangerous, Allows us to know what is best - discernment leads to purity, decision to maintain morals & values, purity good enough to pass scrutiny, Until the Day of Christ - Jesus will return in power, time when God will pour out judgment, live like today is the day

C. Deeper Relationship: Depth of love & holiness - Leads us into deeper relationship, this is the purpose of deeper love & deeper holiness = deeper relationship with Jesus, building block of righteousness, Fruit comes out of relationship - right relationship with Christ, result of justification and grace, not our work or anything else, comes by faith and faith alone, living the Christian life, Purpose is glory and honor of God - fruit we bear is a testimony to God, fruit gives honor & glory to God, God saves us so we can be a testimony to His power & grace, his glory & honor, deeper love leads to deeper holiness, deeper holiness leads to deeper relationship, deeper relationship leads to honor & glory of God


I. Partnership

A. Our Thankfulness: Work and commitment, faithfulness given by everyone, doing a great job, we can continue to do great things for God, the greatest of all is one who serves, to be great we must serve God, it shows our thanks to Him, part of a daily walk and lifestyle

B. Joy in Partnership: Partners with Jesus & one another, Joy should fill our prayers, pray for each other, builds our joy, joy even in tough times, fellowship & partnership produces joy, we became partners on day 1, we are all ministers of the gospel, after I am gone, brothers and sisters through thick & thin,

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