Summary: Sermon - This Sermon focuses on thanksgiving - thanking God for Creation - 1. Creation is God's Gift to Us 2. Creation is our Healer/Teacher 3. Creation is Ours To Redeem

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-25; Psalm 19:1-4

Theme: Thanksgiving - For God's Creation

Sermon - This Sermon focuses on thanksgiving - thanking God for Creation - 1. Creation is God's Gift to Us 2. Creation is our Healer/Teacher 3. Creation is Ours To Redeem


Grace and peace from God our Father and from Jesus Christ our Savior and LORD!

How many of us this morning have said or at least have heard the following prayer?

"Thank You for the World so Sweet,

Thank You for the Food we Eat,

Thank You for the Friends we Meet,

Thank You for the Birds that Sing,

Thank you God for everything."

Most of us probably learned a prayer similar to that one as we grew up. It's a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to the LORD for His Good Creation. It's a prayer that reminds us that just as we thanked God for Good Friends last week we should also thank God for the world that He gave to all of us this morning.

In our passage, we read how God created our world. Did you happen to notice how many times God steps back and declares as He looks at His Creation - "IT WAS VERY GOOD". The writer of Genesis lets us know that God loves what He is doing and loves what He is seeing.

This morning, let's take a few minutes and remind ourselves of the majesty, the beauty and the wonder of this world that God has given to all of us. And then let's discover some ways that we can unplug and refocus our attention back on this world that we have been given the responsibility to redeem and restore.

I. Creation is God's Gift to All of Us

If we allow ourselves to see it and receive it, we will gladly acknowledge that one of God's Greatest Gifts to us is OUR WORLD. The world that we see when we open our eyes each morning. The world that we hear when we focus in on listening to all the sounds it makes. The world that we can touch as we feel the wind or feel the grass under our feet. The world that we can smell after a gentle rain or the world that we can taste as we lift up a fresh strawberry or bit down into a fresh piece of baked bread.

There is supernatural wonder all around us if we will only take the time to see it. In fact, our senses can be quite overwhelmed by all the beauty that is all around us. Who doesn't love the way that the trees burst forth in color in the spring and then once again in the autumn? Who isn't amazed at all the different types of flowers that bloom each and every year - tulips in the spring, roses during the summer and mums in the fall?

Who isn't amazed at the calm breeze that blows all around us or the sound of the water that falls from a gentle waterfall? Who isn't amazed at the splendor of the Rocky Mountains or the depths of the Great Canyon? Who isn't amazed at the wonder of the morning skies or the beauty of the rainbow?

We haven't even said anything about all those wonderful creatures that fill our skies, our oceans or the land all around us. Who is not amazed at the sight of an elephant, a giraffe, a sea lion, a dolphin, an eagle, a cardinal or even the sight of some ants as they work so hard? Who is not amazed at all the beauty and wonder around us - even if that beauty is seen in an earthworm, a spider's web or in the power of a great white shark?

And how much joy God brings to our lives through those wonderful creations that He has enabled us to domestic - dogs, cats, birds and the list could go on. Those wonderful little creatures that share love, depend on us and teach us so much about love, mercy, grace and joy.

Take a moment and go with me to the 6th day of creation. It's just past noon time. God has just put the final touches on His creation. The sun, moon and stars are all in their places. The dry land the seas have been formed. The sky is overflowing with all kinds of birds and flying creatures. The seas are full of all manner of fish. The earth is covered with all kinds of vegetation, plants and trees. Walking, running and playing are all these amazing animals sharing life together. The lion and the lamb are walking down the paths together. There is no death. There is no pain and there is no suffering. All is Good.

It's about right at that time that God scoops up a hand full of dirt and begins to fashion Adam. He makes his torso, his arms and his legs. He fashions his face taking great care in making sure that Adam reflects His own image, glory and grace. He then breathes into this dirt man His own Holy Breath and Adam comes alive. The first thing Adam sees is God Himself. Then God takes the afternoon and begins to walk with Adam telling him that all that he sees now belongs to him. The world, the animals, the skies, the birds and the fish of the sea - it is all God's Gift to Adam.

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