Summary: Thanksgiving should not a periodic occasion but rather a permanent occupation

Thanksgiving as an assignment to comply

Thanksgiving as an attitude to characterize

Thanksgiving as an ADORNMENT TO CLOTHE

Christians should be characterized by thanksgiving. According to Romans 1 unthankfulness is a trait of the ungodly. In II Timothy when Paul is describing the last days, we observe that unthankful is mentioned just before unholy.

As the ungodly and an unholy are distinguished by being unthankful, Christian should be distinguished by being thankful.

Turn to Psalm 90:17. How beautiful is the grace of gratitude! Thanksgiving is a grace of resistless charm. It should adorn the life of every child of God as it did Jesus.

See John 6:11,23. The only One who could say the world is mine and fulness thereof giving thanks. He is giving thanks for that which is hardly enough for a lad’s lunch. I wonder if thanksgiving did not have something to do with the miracle.

See John 11:41.

See Matthew 26:27! Thanksgiving can be no higher. Thanksgiving in the face of the very emblem of His supreme suffering and death. Thanksgiving is mark of the beauty of the Lord.

Thanksgiving should be a garment that should clothe Christians everyday. Thanksgiving should adorn every Christian. Thanksgiving is not a beauty that fades when sickness smites the body or which is lost in the withering touch of years, but it is the beauty which grows lovelier in pain and suffering. A thankful heart shows our likeness to Christ.

See Acts 16:30,31. Thankfulness will draw others to us. Thankful people are enjoyable people to be around.

I have never met a defeated thankful Christian. A thankful person is a happy and victorious person.

Habakkuk 3:17,18

Thanksgiving should not a periodic occasion but rather a permanent occupation!

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