Summary: 6 Biblical aspects of thanksgivng as a lifestyle.



Psalm 100

6 Biblical Aspects of thanksgiving.

I. The Propriety of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is appropriate…

A. Because of the goodness of our God. Ps. 100

B. Because of the greatness of our God. Ps. 95

C. Because of the glory of our God. Ps. 50:7-15

II. The Priority of thanksgiving.

Vital part of worship.

A. Minister of thanksgiving. - Neh. 11:17; 12:8,46

B. Sacrifice of thanksgiving. Lev. 7:12,13,15; 22:29, Ps. 107:22, 116:17,

Amos 4:5, Jonah 2:9

- Heb. 13:15,16

III. The Prayer of thanksgiving.

A. For meals. I Tim. 4:3-5

B. The spirit of all of our prayers. Phil. 4:6, Col. 4:2

IV. The Pleasure of Thanksgiving. Ps. 69:1-4; 19,20;30-32

David’s response in a time of great difficulty.

ILLUS: Grinch

V. The Prerequisite of thanksgiving. Ps. 26:1-7, Col. 2:6,7

VI. The Permanence of thanksgiving. Rev. 7:9-12

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